And finally: Android Wear's new gesture controls and more

The week's wearable tech rumour mill and news blip roundup
Android Wear's new gesture controls

And finally is our round-up of all the wearable tech news you might have surfed past in the last seven days of internetting.

Have a browse, a read and a look at this week's collection of intriguing news blips and wearable rumours from around the web.

Android Wear's new gesture controls

You would have already read about the latest Android Wear update adding support for calling and cellular connections for the first time but that's not where the 1.4 update ends.

Google has detailed new gesture controls for its smartwatch OS, along with new audio feedback features for certain devices.

For the gesture controls there are now a number of actions you can carry out with flicks and turns of the wrist. Check out this Android Wear help page for more info.

The audio feedback reads the time and notification cards, including the actions you can perform on them. Again, take a look at the dedicated Android Wear help page for the full lowdown.

Next-gen gesture controls

While those new Android Wear controls sound pretty neat, they're not as cutting edge as the what the Human-Computer Interaction group at Carnegie Mellon University, led by Chris Harrison and Yang Zhang, have come up with.

Take a look at the video above for a glimpse of how you might be controlling your smartwatch in the future.

Apple Watch 2 slated for June 2016 launch

We all expect the Apple Watch 2 to land in 2016 and now we have a specific launch month, thanks to the United Daily News of China. Its report claims Quanta Computers is working with Cupertino on the device.

It's a murky murmur, but hey, that's what And finally is for.

Want to know what to expect from the next-gen Apple Watch? Then check out our in-depth investigation.

Samsung Triathlon tracker in the works

Samsung has 436 wearables on sale already, probably, but that hasn't stopped the Korean giant from cooking another one up. Rumours suggest that Sammy is working on a new fitness tracker, dubbed the Samsung Triathlon (SM-150) that will hit the entry-level market.

There are plenty of budget fitness trackers already on sale, including the impressive new Xiaomi MiBand 1S, which offers heart rate tracking for less than $16, so Samsung would be facing some stiff competition.


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