Samsung Gear IconX: Essential guide to the activity tracking wireless earbuds

Everything you need to know about Samsung's smart wireless hearable
Samsung Gear IconX essential guide

This is definitely the year of the hearable, with more and more now starting to crop up. While there are Kickstarter campaigns for upcoming smart earbuds like LifeBeam's Vi and the Bragi Dash is already out, Samsung has recently joined the fray with its own activity tracking wireless earbuds, called Gear IconX.

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Revealed alongside the new Gear Fit2 fitness tracker, here's a snapshot view of the key details you need to know about the Gear IconX.

Samsung Gear IconX: Design

The Korean tech giant's hearable comes with three different sizes of eartips and wingtips, and can be activated by dropping them in your ears with no wires in sight.

Samsung has also said that the IconX's were designed small to remain discreet when you're exercising at the gym or out and about. As you can see in the photo above, there are removable parts that should make cleaning simple enough.

Upon launch, they will be available in black, white and blue.

Samsung Gear IconX: Features and specs

The IconXs have touch controls similar to those on the Bragi Dash, and work in a similar fashion with taps and swipes used to control certain functions like skipping songs or changing volume.

The earbuds have 4GB of onboard storage to pile on your music (about 1,000 songs in total) and a charging case to keep them powered on the move. Interestingly, if the battery runs out on one of the earbuds you can assign controls to the one with power and carry on listening.

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As for fitness tracking, the IconX has a built-in accelerometer and heart rate monitor to track your movement, heart rate and distance travelled, which then calculates calories burned.

Just like the Gear Fit2, it's able to sync all of that data to Samsung's S Health app, which can export to a handful of other fitness apps. The earbuds can also connect with Endomondo, MapMyRun, Runkeeper and Strava as a Bluetooth heart rate monitor.

Interestingly, there's a Voice Guide feature that provides instant voice feedback on your workout progress, and sounds a bit like LifeBEAM's Vi hearables. However IconX's guide probably won't be able to provide in-depth, actionable insights which is what Vi promises to do.

Again like the Gear Fit2, the earbuds are only compatible with Android phones running at least Android 4.4 that have 1.5GB or more of RAM, and will work with iOS devices.

Samsung Gear IconX: Battery life

The charging case should be useful since the earbuds will only last about an hour and a half when streaming music from your phone, or a little over three and a half hours when playing music that's stored.

It seems Samsung has sacrificed battery life for a smaller form factor, but it's not too awful if you don't work out for longer than the time allotted. Still, daily charging may be a hassle.

Samsung Gear IconX: Release date and price

Priced at $199, the Gear IconX is now available in select countries. Those countries are as follows: Germany, France, Russia, Canada, the UK, South Korea and Australia.

While it's more affordable in comparison to the Dash, it's still a lot for a pair of earbuds. But if the IconX can deliver on the promised features, they may just be worth it.

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  • Gadgety says:

    I'd like to see some specs. How does it work specifically. I know Bragi had a challenge with the earbuds being totally wireless. This means there's a DAC in each one of them, and timing issues between the two earbuds were quite a challenge to resolve. So Wareable, vis Michael Sawh, how about some specs, or missing that, some speculation on how the tech works?

    • Hschell says:

      the music is stored in each bud. I have the music stored in the buds for longer playback

  • TechSex says:

    Awesome concept. I can't wait to hear word on the sound quality and how these will stay in a person's ears during moment. What's the battery life? What's the warranty? 

    Also, please check out my troubleshooting blog:

    • Sfrancisco says:

      Sound quality is good. Battery life while connected to the phone got me 1 hour 39 minutes of a movie. Have to tried the stored music runtime yet 

  • yogibimbi says:

    No waterproof no want. Hello Bragi;-)

  • kyleruggles says:

    So it's not waterproof, it doesn't do calling, it has no voice assistant integration, has a 2 hour battery life.  I rather pay $100 more and get the Bragi's and get all that plus a 3 hour battery life and more.  I think Samsung released this a lil too late or too early, it's missing essential features, plus how could you run a marathon within 2 hours? *shrugs*

    • fitness60 says:

      The article dont mention anything about waterproof or that it doesnt do calling but it says it has some kind o voice guide. The article mention battery for 3.5 hours if you lissen to music that is stored. We have to wait until it goes on sale later this year to judge this compare with Bragi.

    • Myth says:

      They're weather resistant and take calls (you can even choose which ear you want to take a call in). So just don't swim in them and if you want to dial out, reach in your pocket and use your phone O_o

  • Vic says:

    Can I make and answer calls with the Gear Lconx? 

    • Sfrancisco says:

      Yes. Can even pick which one to make the default earbud

  • OneTrickPony says:

    This article states that these earbuds will not work with iOS. This is simply not true.

    It is more accurate to say that the advanced, fitness tracking features, will not work with iOS. As Bluetooth earphones with touch controls, these will in fact work with iOS devices.

    • Sfrancisco says:

      It states it will work with android and ios devices

    • Sfrancisco says:

      Says it works with ios at the end of the one paragraph. 

  • AneeshaB says:

    i have bought the iconX..Used it for a bit

    However now it just wont come on...trying to charge it,,,but the indicator lights don't come on..its just dead...someone please help!!

    • ronandjulia says:

      Same here - how long does ot take to charge ?

      • Hayzee says:

        Has taken up to an hour to charge if fully drained (a warning voice comes up at 10% then shortly after it shuts down)

        Otherwise around 20-30 minutes to charge both buds

  • sergiocampos says:

    how does it work with iphone

  • Hayzee says:

    Works fine with iphone (SE on IOS10) as a bluetooth headphone. It is also good for calls as a semi hands free however to make/end calls you need to use the phone not the buds. 
    All touch interactions work fine to play/skip tracks/volume however havn't been able to access HRM or workout info through any apps. Can still get HRM stats mid workout via voice over when holding down on ear bud to access functions.

    Biggest issue have had is the left ear bud is useless volume wise, barely audible. Samsung service has been pretty average as it was a gift received after the 28 day instant exchange period

  • TMP says:

    they don't hold a charge and they are basically worthless to apple iPhone users because there is no compatable app 

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