Yahoo smartwatch could launch as search brand targets wearables

Yahoo predicting "huge evolution" for wearables fuelled by Apple Watch and others

Yahoo is getting all worked up over the possibilities of the wearable tech revolution and has even gone as far as saying it may launch its own smartwatch.

Speaking to the FT, Adam Cahan, senior vice-president of mobile, said that developers were often “somewhat reluctant to join the hardware game” but stated he could “never say never” with regards to producing a wearable to make use of a killer feature.

We bet Yahoo could give the Microsoft Band a run for its money in the dorky wearable stakes so we'd be quite intrigued to see its particular version of geek chic.

In the short term - and more likely - Yahoo is pinning a lot of its hopes for wearable exposure on the Apple Watch for 2015. Cahan told the FT that Apple was “on to a hit” and said he was “very excited about consumer adoption”.

Yahoo News Digest, the search company's app that was born out of British teenager Nick D’Aloisio's Summly, has already been spotted on the homescreen of Apple's soon-to-launch smartwatch.

D’Aloisio, who is now a product manager at Yahoo, explained that smartwatches would provide a new platform for consuming information and stated his team were working on new approaches to delivering content.


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