What I'm Wearing: Smartwatches and accessories on our wrists this week

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Welcome one and all to the latest edition of What I'm Wearing, the place where we tell you, well, what wearable tech we've been rocking this week.

We get new smartwatches, sports watches, fitness trackers, smart clothing and a whole bunch of accessories sent our way every week. Before we get into that rigorous testing, we thought it would be nice to give you all a little insight into what's next on our review hit list. Plus, we just like to share the stuff that we are really liking right now.

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We are always on the look out for anything new that you think we should be trying out. Whether that's an accessory, watch face or device that you think fits the bill, hit us up at and you might just make an appearance in a future edition of What I'm Wearing.

Conor is wearing the Fitbit Versa with grey classic band

What I'm Wearing: The smartwatches and accessories on our wrists this week

After sweating it out at the Fitbit Versa Live event in London last week, I've switched out the Ionic for the company's latest smartwatch. And since my main motivation for consistently wearing something from the Fitbit line is so I can track my sleep, I've found the change to be a very welcome one.

It's not that the Ionic is a nuisance to have on your wrist during nighttime hours, but the Versa is lighter and less noticeable – it's one of the few smartwatches I've worn that I can genuinely forget I'm wearing.

And with this a much more customisable option than the Ionic, I've also enjoyed being able to switch around my bands for different occasions. I'll usually always switch out to a grey sporty band (pictured above) if I haven't already for the gym, with the stainless steel or navy leather also in the mix for day wear. I feel like this could well be the Fitbit smartwatch that I stick with long term.


Mike is wearing the Suunto 3 Fitness

What I'm Wearing: The smartwatches and accessories on our wrists this week

I wasn't battling the heat at the London Marathon, but I will be tackling the Hamburg marathon in a few days time and I'll be donning Suunto's new sports watch for it. Mostly to see how it fares against our sports watch fave, the Garmin Forerunner 935.

The Suunto 3 Fitness is a bit of an oddball, for the simple reason that it doesn't have GPS, but I'll reserve judgement on its accelerometer-based tracking for race time. What I can say is that Suunto is starting to make its sports watches a little more attractive on the eye. If you like your sports watches slim, then this definitely fits the bill and that shiny metal trim detracts somewhat from that quite hefty black bezel around what is a quite low resolution display.

It's not the most attractive sports watch I've ever worn, but I can definitely appreciate the lightweight build and small form factor that make it a good fit for my slim wrists. Here's hoping it feels as comfortable and nice to wear after it's made its way around 26.2 miles of Hamburg.


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