What I'm Wearing: Nokia Steel HR with red silicone band

These are the devices strapped to the Wareable team's wrists this week
What we're wearing this week
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Another week, another parade of wearables taking their turns on the wrists of Wareable staff members. You know what that means: A new edition of What I'm Wearing.

The world of wearables is filled with wonderful accessories and devices that are worth your time, and here in What I'm Wearing we can talk about something as big as a device to something as small as a new watch face.

So if you think there's an accessory, watch face or wearable that we should check out then drop us a line at editors@wareable.com. You never know, it could show up in a future edition of What I'm Wearing.

Hugh is wearing the Nokia Steel HR with red silicone band

What I'm Wearing: The accessories and watch faces on our wrists right now

What I'm Wearing: The accessories and watch faces on our wrists right now

Having just finished reviewing the Skagen Falster, I've switched to the Nokia Steel HR. The last time I wore this it was the Withings Steel HR, but after buying the company Nokia slapped its name across the watch, so I wanted to give it another try. Not much has changed: there a few small software tweaks and the aforementioned brand update, but that's it. But this might soon be all in vain, with news that Nokia is considering shuttering its health department. Will it sell it off? And if so, is the Steel HR in store for another rebranding? The Google Steel HR? The Samsung Steel HR? Collect them all!

I'm pairing the watch with a red silicone strap, and I'm into it. I have a strong affection for loud watch straps so this satisfies that craving, but I also think it just looks really nice. And besides, I'm going to be running with it so I want something that can withstand a bit of sweat. By the way, I'm wearing the 40mm model, which even on my slender wrists is not a big watch. You can pick it up in 36mm too – at least until Nokia Health is no more.

Husain is wearing the Fitbit Charge 2 with blue silicone band

What I'm Wearing: The accessories and watch faces on our wrists right now

One of my friends recently invited me to be his friend on Fitbit, and I honestly couldn't be bothered at first. Then one day while checking something for a feature I checked out his stats. I saw how well he was doing and I felt a burning desire to beat the step-counting life out of him.

Ever since then I've been wearing the Charge 2 around, solely so I can beat him at his own game. You think you can invite me to be your friend and then watch me lose hand-over-fist every week? No way, bro. It's game over man, game over.

What I'm Wearing: The accessories and watch faces on our wrists right now

I also got a new large blue silicone band for the Charge 2, and I'm actually quite enjoying it. Before now I've been rocking the purple silicone band, but the blue is more my tempo.

It's a comfortable fitness tracker that gets out of your way and does its job. I've also enjoyed gathering my sleep data, though I really do wish Fitbit integrated with Apple Health.

…and the Apple Watch Series 3 with Fog Sport Band

What I'm Wearing: The accessories and watch faces on our wrists right now

I've finally done it. I've finally upgraded my Apple Watch. I've been rocking a stainless steel original Apple Watch (that's right, Series 0, baby!) and it's been getting long in the tooth, so I had to go for the non-LTE Series 3. Where I once could get through a whole day with 50% battery life, I was lucky to get through half the day with the same amount – so it was time for an upgrade.

It had also got very slow since upgrading to watchOS 4. So slow that I didn't want to open the workout app when at the gym. So I basically just had a notification machine.

What I'm Wearing: The accessories and watch faces on our wrists right now

But no more. I opted for the silver aluminum Apple Watch Series 3 with the fog sport band, which I am absolutely loving right now. It's not as flashy as the white sport band, which tends to work better with the silver stainless steel Apple Watch. The fog band gives it a simple, clean silvery look that I find works with pretty much any outfit.

I'm also wearing a Modular watch face, because it's still incredibly versatile. I have news from Apple News, the Activity Rings, Carrot for weather and a world clock for South Africa down in the left corner. All the information I need at a glance.

I've been running more lately and I've also found myself wanting to use my watch for GPS, rather than relying on my iPhone. And let me tell you, the jump in speed from the Series 0 to the Series 3 is extraordinary. It feels like going from an iPhone 4 to an iPhone X. It's a world of a difference that has made me like Apple Watch more than ever before.

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