Week in wearable tech: PS VR steps up, Adidas steps down, and 50 other things

The latest happenings from the world of wearable tech
The week in wearable tech
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This week the team has been busily putting together the Wareable 50 2018. This is our list of 50 themes, people and devices we believe will form the conversation next year. It's as a catalogue of the future, and you can go read it right now.

Elsewhere on the site we've looked at how close we are to smart patches, found out which smartwatch is best for swimming, tried wearing a smart buckle, and spoke to LET Labs about their Alexa smartglasses. Oh, and we had a little moan about how traveling with wearable tech still isn't as good as it should be by now, while Editor Mike checked out what the London Royal Academy of Arts is doing with VR.

Speaking of which, go find out how VR porn could boost the sperm stockpile. Done that? Good. Here are the other happenings from the rest of the wearable world...

PSX brings a nice mix of new games

Week in wearable tech: PS VR steps up, Adidas steps down, and 50 other things

PlayStation Experience took place in LA over the weekend and it didn't disappoint on PlayStation VR news. Sales of the headset have just moved past the 2 million mark, keeping Sony head of the VR pack. But it wasn't just a celebration of sales, as Sony brought games galore to the Los Angeles show.

From Wipeout Omega Collection to The Last Guardian to Killing Floor: Incursion to Shooty Fruity, the PS VR's catalogue is going to keep filling out with new names and familiar franchises. And to get more headsets in people's hands Sony is doing a few bundle deals over the holiday season.

Having a diversity of games will be important for VR to earn wider appeal, and at PSX we saw an encouraging mix of genres and ideas. One game that didn't get quite as much buzz was Jupiter & Mars, an underwater adventure game that looks like a funky, modern-age Echo the Dolphin, and we are here for it.

Adidas moves away from wearables

Week in wearable tech: PS VR steps up, Adidas steps down, and 50 other things

There was sad news this week when we learned Adidas is lopping off its Digital Sports unit, which has been responsible for its wearable tech efforts. The company said that it is looking to relocating the 74 employees to other areas of the company, and that it will double down focus on Adidas's apps, specifically on Runtastic.

While it says it's still assessing its future in wearable devices, there's little reason to be hopeful. Adidas has been in this game for more than 15 years, though there were warning signs last year when the company told us it was stepping away from GPS running watches. It's never nice to see a company step away, but Adidas hasn't been as much as a driving force as Garmin, Polar and other big fitness names, and a focus on partnerships and software probably makes a lot more sense.

We'd been expecting the Chameleon fitness tracker to drop this year, but those hopes have just been dashed. At least the Adidas Fitbit Ionic will still land next year.

Something a little more quirky

Week in wearable tech: PS VR steps up, Adidas steps down, and 50 other things

Something a little lighter to finish on. Beam Authentic has made an AMOLED smart button that will let you literally wear a GIF. It doesn't have to be a GIF, as you'll be able to choose your desired animation or photo in the smartphone app, and then wear it proudly for the world to see. I've already made my choice.


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