The week in wearable tech

The biggest stories of the week from the wide world of wearables
The week in wearable tech

Woah. Hold on. Did Tim Cook just reveal the Apple Watch release date? You bet your bottom dollar (well, $349 of them, at least) that he did.

That was definitely the highlight of what's been a busy week in the world of wearable tech. Read on to find out when to expect the fruity smartwatch and also to get up speed with the biggest stories of the week.

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Apple Watch shipping in April

Apple revealed it was richer than Richie Rich this week during an earnings call but the big news, as far as we're concerned, was CEO Tim Cook confirming exactly when the Apple Watch will start shipping: April. It's the first official confirmation regarding the Apple Watch launch date.

There had been reports that the much anticipated wearable would launch in March, but the Apple boss said: "Development for Apple Watch is right on schedule, and we expect to begin shipping in April."

Check out our hands-on Apple Watch review for our early impressions.

Jawbone's money worries

Is Jawbone a financial mess? We certainly hope not but that's what a couple of reports this week have suggested. There are claims that the company isn’t profitable, is struggling to get funding and suffered "a production glitch that caused Jawbone to sit out the critical Christmas selling season". Ouch.

Hopefully the company's next-gen tracker will launch soon and save the day. Check out our guide to everything you need to know about the Jawbone UP3.

Basis Peak notifications arrive at last

The Basis Peak's notification features finally arrived this week, three months after the wearable's initial release.

The Basis Peak launched in the US back in September, and while its advanced optical heart rate sensor was the jewel in its crown, users were promised that smartwatch notifications would arrive in December. These were then subsequently delayed until January.

Take a look at our pick of the best fitness trackers to see if the Peak is the right device for you.

Misfit Flash gets supercharged

Misfit added a host of smart home features to the Flash on Tuesday, with a series of partnerships which it hopes will transfer its wrist wearable into a supercharged life remote control.

Back at CES the company unveiled its Misfit Bolt smart bulb, which could be turned on using its budget tracker, but it's now added the likes of Nest, Spotify, IFTTT and Logitech to the equation.

The cheap fitness tracker went on sale before Christmas but should you buy one? Check out our Misfit Flash review.

Crowdfund this

This week in our look at the world of wearable tech crowdfunding we focused on the Acticheck Assure; a smartband designed to give both wearers and their families piece of mind, not only by being an easy way of raising an alarm, but by continuously checking everything is ok. The wearer is biometrically checked by the band every 15 minutes to monitor temperature and movement, and an alarm is raised if the signs aren't normal.

We've written about a couple of connected solutions for seniors on Wareable before - from the likes of Clevercare and Lively - but the Assure system is about the most comprehensive and straightforward that we've seen.


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