Week in wearable: Tag and Frederique Constant give 2018 a fashionable start

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CES is over for another year. The dry desert air still lingers on our throats and there's still a ringing in our ears, but the biggest tech show of 2018 is done with - and boy was it a big one.


Things have been a little calmer this week, but there's still been plenty to get our teeth into. It was, after all, SIHH this week, which delivered two new Tag watches and this Ressence Type 2 hybrid powered by solar and kinetic energy.

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Meanwhile on Wareable we've been running for digital currency, testing out the most faithful movie replica wearable we've ever seen, and pondering what the big companies should do next. Also be sure to check out what happened when Sophie gave her grandma a Fitbit to review - or is that a Fitbee?


Back in fashion

Week in wearable:

It is with a heavy heart I must announce the Fashion Brands are at it again. And we're excited! Because Frederique Constant looks poised to launch its next smartwatch, and we'd bet our last Swiss franc that it'll be a stunner. Constant knows a thing or two about making beautiful timepieces - just take a look at the Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch Classics. What we don't know for sure is if this will be its first full-screen smartwatch or another hybrid. We'll know for sure on 21 February.

Meanwhile Tag just revealed the Connected Modular 41, which shrinks last year's Modular 45 down to - you guessed it - 41mm. It also ups the resolution and bumps up the storage to 8GB. Pricing starts at $1,200, which is chump change compared to Tag's diamond-studded smartwatch, also announced this week. The Tag Heuer Connected Full Diamonds watch will set you back $197,000. That's a lot of Sweatcoins.


Speaking of which, a new report by Juniper Research predicts that hybrids will make up 50% of the smartwatch market by 2022. That would mean a 460% jump, while "full" smartwatches like the Apple Watch would rise by 160% in the same period. We don't doubt collections from the Fossil Group and other big fashion labels are going to help make this happen, and have already made a respectable dent in the market.

AR you serious? Facebook and Apple AR

Week in wearable:

A lot was on show at CES last week, but some interesting developments were taking place behind closed doors too. Bloomberg reports that Facebook, Apple and Google were all meeting with augmented reality company that build AR components, further hinting at ambitions to take AR beyond the smartphone. Further, the report claims Snap and Xiaomi are in contact with partners regarding the production of their own glasses.

During our demo with the new Vuzix Blade smartglasses, company COO Paul Boris told us that Apple was "always wandering around" and showing interest in what Vuzix and other companies are up. It seems less of a case of if but when.

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