Week in wearable: Spectacles chief leaves Snap, Galaxy Watch keeps leaking

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As we make our way out of July and into August, it's worth enjoying the relatively calm news cycle - because it's about to get turbulent.


We're about to enter a period filled with announcements. The Galaxy Watch is just around the corner and the Apple Watch Series 4 is not too far away after that. Plus, there's that little IFA show.

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This week on Week in wearable, we take a look at some of the news just on the border of this coming busy period. Smartwatches are leaking, executives are leaving and Xiaomi is going in on kids tracking.

Spectacles chief leaves Snap

Week in wearable: Spectacles chief leaves Snap, Galaxy Watch keeps leaking

Mark Randall joined Snap back in 2016 to head up the Spectacles project. Now that its sequel, Spectacles 2, is out in the world, he's left the company to work on his own company.

In a memo, Randall said that Snap is going to realign its hardware team under the leadership of Jerry Hunter, Snap's SVP of Engineering. This is yet another shakeup for the Specs team at Snap, which saw layoffs last year.


Spectacles haven't yet proven to be a major hit for the company, though it's also updating the device to make it more consumer friendly, adding the ability to share stories to social networks that aren't Snapchat.

On the plus side, it's possible that bringing the Specs team closer to the rest of the company, which has more experience with things like augmented reality, might help it. Perhaps all that hardware talent could be used to get to work on Snap's eventual AR smartglasses.

Samsung leaked the Galaxy Watch

Week in wearable: Spectacles chief leaves Snap, Galaxy Watch keeps leaking
Image credit: Scott Stein, Cnet

The Galaxy Watch has been plagued with leaks. Maybe too many leaks. The biggest leak yet though didn't come from the outside, but from Samsung itself.

The Korean company accidentally leaked the design for the new Galaxy Watch on its own website. It sports a Rose Gold design and looks like a mix between the more round Gear S2 and the more industrial Gear S3.

We also got to confirm some model numbers: we know that the leaked SM-R810 model is the Wi-Fi edition while the SM-R815 model is the LTE edition, which we have not yet seen.


We won't have to wait long to see all the different varieties of the Galaxy Watch, as Samsung is set to officially debut it on 9 August.

Xiaomi's Mi Bunny Watch 3 has 4G and GPS

Week in wearable: Spectacles chief leaves Snap, Galaxy Watch keeps leaking

Xiaomi has gone ahead and announced a brand new smartwatch for kids with a cute name: the Mi Bunny Watch 3. The watch is aimed at keeping kids safe with both 4G and GPS.

Sporting a 1.41-inch display with a 320 x 360 resolution, the Mi Bunny 3 has Wi-Fi and 4G so that kids can make calls from their wrists. There's also GPS/A-GPS that will let parents know their kids location in real time.

Protection isn't the only name of the game, as there's a 2-megapixel camera on board, which can help identify plants and teach kids about nature once it's hooked up to a companion smartphone app. It'll also let them take photos, capture HD video and there's activity tracking on the smartwatch, natch.

We don't exactly know what it'll track, but we can guess step counts and calories. It's on sale now in China for 599 yuan, which is roughly $90. We don't have any word on international release yet.

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