Wareable Tech Awards 2016 shortlists: This year's nominations revealed

All the finalists for our inaugural awards bash

The Wareable Tech Awards in association with Currys PC World are heading to Shoreditch Town Hall on Thursday 27 October and they're gonna be huge.

We've teamed up with our esteemed sponsor Currys PC World to honour the best wearables, connected self devices, collections, platforms, projects and startups of 2016.

We know you've been wriggly and restless waiting for the final shortlists so here they finally are, across 11 categories. Pay close attention ‚Äď this is the absolute best wearable, VR and smart home tech of the year, and you'll notice we've been ruthless.

If you don't see a review on the site yet that means it's currently in testing ‚Äď so you need to keep your eyes peeled for some big reviews over the next few weeks. And remember, if we get something in that's too good to ignore, we'll add it to the category as a wildcard entry.

We'll also be announcing how you can help us decide our Wearable of the year Award very soon. Without further ado…

wearable tech awards 2016 shortlists

Oooof this was a tough one to whittle down. All too often it's the go-to, me-too wearable tech move but these six trackers have all taken a fresh and game-changing approach to the category. Topping the charts for features, accuracy and style, these are our top picks for the year:

wearable tech awards 2016 shortlists

What a difference a year makes. Smartwatches are in much better shape than they were in 2015, thanks to a focus on sports and style. This is going to be one of the most hotly contested awards on the night.

wearable tech awards 2016 shortlists

Running, lifting, boxing, golfing ‚Äď whatever your personal fitness poison, we've found a trusty wearable that will make you faster, better and stronger. Each of these is a champ in its own right, but which will cross the finish line to be sports wearable of the year?

wearable tech awards 2016 shortlists

Getting the platform right is more than half the work when it comes to health and fitness wearables. So don't forget the software; it's what stops you drowning in data.

wearable tech awards 2016 shortlists

From designer accessory collaborations to beautifully designed wearables that lift what technology worn on the body can look and feel like, fashion and tech have never been sweeter on each other.

wearable tech awards 2016 shortlists

2016 was the year that we stopped talking about VR and started living it. With big long-awaited launch after big long-awaited launch, everyone can get a taste no matter your budget, floorplan or gaming skills.

wearable tech awards 2016 shortlists

To get to this list of impeccable, future-gazing games, apps, live-action series and location-based experiences, we went with our gut. But only the most mindblowing experience can win our coveted gong.

wearable tech awards 2016 shortlists

Hearables are the bleeding edge of smart tech, but these nominees are as accessible as they are futuristic ‚Äď they can help you get fit, stay organised or tune in and out of the world around you.

wearable tech awards 2016 shortlists

It's not about standalone devices anymore. It's about hubs that know you so well you're starting to get concerned and recipes that make lights and thermostats and cameras and sensors talk to each other. But who's turning the connected home into a reality?

wearable tech awards 2016 shortlists

Here are a few names you might not have heard of before ‚Äď the startups making waves in wearables, whether it's getting there quicker than the big companies or building fresh devices that change the game for the connected self.

wearable tech awards 2016 shortlists

Saves The Day is the place on the site where we highlight projects that use wearable tech or VR to make meaningful change to people's lives in health, research, journalism, charity and more. Here are the apps, programs, campaigns and devices we're most excited about.

What do you think should win each category? What are you sad that we culled from the lists? Make your feelings known in the comments and get ready to vote for Wareable of the Year.

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  • XIRIe·

    Hey Yo guys,

    get ready to vote for my WOTY.

    Fitness Tracker of the Year =   Fitbit Charge 2 ( Reason: Button on the side, VO2 max, bigger display than Fitbit Charge HR)

    Smartwatch of year:  Samsung Gear S3

    Sports Wearable of the Year:  Myzone MZ-3

    H& FP OTY:  Garmin Connect

    Fashion Tech Colection OTY:  Fitbit

    VR Headset : Sony Playstation VR

    VR Exp OTY :  Hover Junkers

    Hearable OTY :  Jabra Sport Pulse

    Smarthome:  Samsung Smart things

    Startup OTY: HYKSO !!!

    Saves the day:  Fitbit Group health

    I'm so excited to see the results. 

    Happy Voting. And see you soon. = Alex

    • XIRIe·

      I forgot one thing. Sad is why I didn't see Fitbit in Platform & Fitness?

      What about the whole Garmin Forerunner series especially the new Forerunner 35? 

      It would be better than Polar.  Last sad thing, why was the idea with the running foot analyse sensor bad?

  • bobbland·

    Go Loomia and Ringly for the win!! Wishing you the best of luck + well deserved recognition. ‚ú®‚ú®‚ú®

  • billh·

    Go Loomia! 

  • NataliasTweeet·

    Loomia loomia loomia! <3 So excited to see this.

  • billh·

    Go go Loomia!