Wankband wants you to love the planet by loving yourself

Clever PR stunt from Pornhub made us giggle

We're not sure if this qualifies as something we should cover under Wareable's tag line - 'Tech for your connected self' - or not, but couldn't resist writing it up anyway.

'Specialist' site Pornhub has come up with a wearable to create "dirty energy" by harvesting up and down wrist movements. We don't need to be any more graphic than that, right? You get the picture?

The brilliantly named Wankband wants "men to save the planet while doing what they do best".

Inside is a valve containing a weight that moves with rhythmic wrist actions. Energy is harvested and stored by this mechanism and, using a Micro USB port on the side, the idea is you can charge your gadgets.

Of course, it won't work at all - there's no way it'll store enough power to charge even the most basic of devices - but it's a clever bit of PR from Pornhub and the promo video made us smile.

You can sign up now to be a 'wanking warrior' for the beta test period and, according to its makers, the Wankband works just as well for the fairer sex.

Source: Gizmodo


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