And finally: VR gaming at E3 set to explode and more

Not literally of course - here's all the stories from the week you might have missed
And finally: VR gaming at E3 2015

And finally is where we tie up the loose ends from the world of wearable tech. It's where the web rumour mill churns out its goodies, and where the smaller stories of the week, not covered in-depth on our dedicated news page, get an airing.

This week there's a broad mix of smartwatch, VR and fitness tracking news - so let's jump straight in...

VR gaming to be massive at E3

With the Oculus Rift consumer edition now official - and a raft of top games also detailed for the LA expo - VR is going to be playing a huge part of E3 2015.

In fact, 10% of the 274 companies showing off their tech at next week's LA expo will be demoing AR or VR stuff. That's the word from show organiser ESA, as reported by Polygon. Among the companies that will be demoing AR or VR games is Microsoft, Crytek, Ubisoft, Razer and Sony.

Check out our pick of the top VR headsets to learn more about the next-generation in gaming.

Polar Loop 2 hits the FCC

The Polar Loop 2 showed up in an FCC listing this week. According to a report on liliputing, the sequel will boast a longer battery life than the original, but much of the design and hardware will stay the same.

Read our guide to the best fitness trackers to see what competition it will be up against and take a look at our recently published Jawbone UP3 review too.

Chronos makes any watch smart

Chronos has a plan to make your dumb watch smart. "Chronos is a little disk that fits on the bottom of your fancy watch with micro-suction and offers notifications in the form of little blinking LEDs and vibrations," reads a report on TechCrunch.

"You can even tap your watch face to activate the device, allowing you to silence incoming calls or control music playback."

People want luxury smartwatches

Maybe a little disk for the back of your luxury watch isn't quite what people want though. Maybe people want tech-tastic-timpieces.

The announcement of the Apple Watch has sparked a global interest in the smartwatch segment, according to a new report by market intelligence firm Digital Luxury Group.

Of the 62 brands tracked in DLG's WorldWatchReport 2015, Tag Heuer got the most searches related to the keyword "smartwatch", followed by Rolex and Montblanc.

The Tag Heuer Android Wear smartwatch is due out later this year, don't forget.


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