The week in wearable tech: The biggest news stories

All the headlines you need on your radar from the past seven days
The week in wearable tech

Fool me once, wearable tech, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on us. In a week when the internet got downright giggly over some lovely new smartwatches, it’s been tricky to keep up with who is designing what. But luckily we’re here to clear everything up.

Catch up all the big wearable tech news - confusing or otherwise - from the past seven days in one place.

That e-paper FES watch is made by Sony

A smartwatch landed on a Japanese crowdfunding site last week - all e-paper, down to the strap - but it’s only now that we know FES is part of Sony’s New Business Creation team. Hats off to Sony, its gamble paid off.

Oh and that gorgeous Michael Bastian Chronowing watch by HP? It’s probably built by Meta, the makers of the M1 smartwatch - according to unconfirmed reports that is. All you need to know is this - manufacturers are hiding or borrowing brand names all over the show.

And we still want both the MB Chronowing and the Sony FES watch. For now, the Withings Activité will have to distract us. Look out for our full review very soon.

50 Cent heart rate buds go on sale

These SMS Audio heart rate monitoring earbuds have landed in the US and UK today just in time to make the perfect Christmas present for your rap-loving, RunKeeper-using family members.

At $150 (or annoyingly, £150), they’re nicely priced and absolute chock full of tech. Biometric sensors measure relaxation levels and activity levels with personalised playlists based on your performance.

Pair the BioSports with one of our pick of the best fitness watches with music playback.

TAG’s first smartwatch to land in January

Regular watches are set to get smart in 2015, starting with TAG Heuer’s first smartwatch. Confirmed back in September, it’s now rumoured to be Intel-powered and set for an announcement at CES in early January.

We’re hoping for classic looks, a battery life to match the Withings Activité and a pricetag that’ll keep our eyes dry. Not long to wait until TAG puts us out of our misery.

Kickstarter backers declare Ring a failure

The ring that lets you control anything ‘as if by magic’ shipped to Kickstarter backers last month and the feedback has not been pretty.

From “disappointed” to “BIG BIG FAKE”, Ring looks set to go down in wearables history as one of the worst devices ever.

Much more sensible is a ring that shows notifications without your wrist lighting up like Blackpool at Christmas. Like Kovert Designs’ modern-day pager Altrius, in fact.

Crowdfund this

Our crowdfunding pick this week is Fineck. If you had this posture-tracking gadget round your neck, you wouldn’t be bending over so badly to read this round-up.

Straightened up? Well, the titanium-clad necklace works to strengthen your neck muscles with simple accelerometer and gyroscope-based games. You’ve got until 10 January to pledge.


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