The week in wearable tech

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The week in wearable tech

Another big week for wearable tech saw two new wearables hit the shelves, Apple Watch information and the definitive review of the Microsoft Band, which is still sold out across the world.

Read on for all the wearable tech news you might have missed.

Apple Watch screen resolution revealed

This week we got the biggest insight into the Apple Watch since the Cupertino unveiled its wearable back in September. The release of the Watchkit to developers revealed a bunch of interesting tidbits, including the screen resolution – which we at Wareable used to show that the Apple Watch's display could blow Samsung out of the water. Every aspect of the Apple Watch is detailed in our in-depth guide.

The Apple Watch fun didn't end there. Forecasters have used guesswork and black magic to definitively predict that the Apple Watch is going to be huge. If only we had the intelligence and expertise to work at the big analyst companies…

Microsoft Band is back on sale and in our hands

The Microsoft Band sold like St George's flags in Rochester this week (that's like the Stars and Stripes in Alabama for our US friends) and it promptly sold out online after its initial launch. Well, it went back on sale this week – and it's sold out again.

But should you join the clambering masses for your Windows infused fitness band? Well, you'll need to read our Microsoft Band review to find out. (SPOILER: We didn't like it).

Liquid Leap and Basis on sale

Two more long-awaited wearables hit the shelves this week, with the Acer Liquid Leap going on sale worldwide. The band handles activity tracking and notifications and is on sale at Amazon for an unspectacular £80.

More excitingly, however, is the release of the Basis Peak – the smartwatch/sports watch hybrid from Intel. It snapped up Basis Science back in March, and this is the first fruit of its labour. The Basis Peak is on sale in the US now and the UK in “mid-December".

Finally, Intel finally lifted the lid on MICA, its fashion collaboration with Opening Ceremony. It might be the best looking smart band to date, but some strange decisions regarding usability means its unlikely to be a mass success.

Smart clothing will be the next big thing

More wearable forecasting this week showed that fitness bands and tech will suffer at the hands of the best smartwatches, and will decline over the next few years, before finding an unlikely hero. Yes, smart clothing will do the job of our bands and watches by 2016, and will become the biggest fitness tech segment, out-selling running watches and fitness trackers.

Mobile payments

PayPal added Pebble to its payments rostrum this week, which means the service now has free run of all the top smartwatches, with Android Wear and Tizen already hosting the app. Users can pay for goods in supporting stores from their watch, which reveals a fascinating insight into the future of shopping.

Best reads of the week

Finally this week, if you didn't get chance to check out our in-depth features then bookmark these now.

First was our round up of the women who are leading the way in wearable tech. From hot startups to the biggest tech companies on the planet, it's the ladies doing the top work in wearables and we reveal who they are.

Secondly, make sure you check out our brief history of wearable tech, where we chart the progression of wearables, from an ancient wrist-worn abacus to GoPro cameras for carrier pigeons.

Finally, the latest in our series of running tips and features comes our guide to breaking a 4-hour marathon, using the bevy of features on your GPS running watch.

See you next week.


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