​The week in wearable tech: Essential news roundup

All the big stories from the wee you might have missed
​The week in wearable tech

It's easy when penning the introduction to our round-up of the top wearable technology stories to highlight how the week was another pivotal period in the wearable technology journey – the problem is that the wearables market is moving so fast, it's true yet again.

This week has seen two of the biggest devices on the wearable tech scene move closer to release, and a host of new and varied devices break cover.

Read on for our essential round up of this week in wearable tech:

Asus Zenwatch goes on sale – almost

In a contender for most inept launch of the year, the Asus ZenWatch finally went on sale in the States. At least, we think it did. The jury's still out.

First Asus announced its watch would be on sale on Nov 9 through Best Buy. It indeed went on sale for $199, then was removed, before coming back on Tuesday at $229. There it stayed before being removed a few more times, before its price dropped back to $199. Refunds were issued, and then refused as angry customers took to Wareable's comment feeds to trade stories.

Of course, if you're deciding which Android Wear smartwatch is right for you, we've come up with a handy buyer's guide to help and rounded up the best apps for Android Wear, too.

Withings Activité price causes jaws to drop

Finally after months of waiting the Withings Activité is available to pre-order, but with a colossal price tag.

With the Activité being built in Switzerland it was never going to be cheap, but with a price tag of $450 or £320, it's come in $100 more than the Apple Watch.

It seems the French company is placing a premium on its design credentials, and we'll be reviewing the Withings Activité as soon as a sample lands in the coming weeks, and hopefully adding to our list of the best designed wearable gadgets. It's also going to be compatible with Google Fit and work with Apple Health, to boot.

Gymwatch is perfect band for weightlifters

Another device we've been keeping our eye on is the Gymwatch, which takes the principles of activity tracking and brings them to you workouts. The band can be worn on the arm or leg and track the quality of your reps, helping you get the most from your weights sessions.

It's been another busy week for sports wearables in general, and we also published the ultimate feature for users of Polar devices. Our Polar Flow guide helps runners slash minutes off their PBs using their GPS running watch.

The World Cup winning wearable

This week we also met the experts from EXOS, the company behind Adidas' miCoach fitness tech. The company's data and technology is the brains behind miCoach, and we caught up with them to find out how they guided the German football team to World Cup glory.

Wearable tech is becoming hugely influential in all sports, especially football – if you're a fan of the beautiful game, check out our in-depth look at the future of the sport.

Crowdfund this: Pip

Every week we bring you the hottest projects vying for your crowdfunding cash, and this week goes to Pip. The smart collar for dogs and cats uses nifty GPS tech in the unthinkable event they get lost, and also acts as an activity tracker. A sure fire addition to our best pet wearables round-up, if it reaches its funding target.


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