The week in wearable tech

The biggest stories from the last seven days
The week in wearable tech

Mental. That's the only word to describe the goings on in the world of wearable tech this week. Not only did the Microsoft and Fitbit wearable rumours from the week before turn into fully fledged products, Google's Apple Health rival finally landed in Google Play and there was more official smartwatch release details than you can shake a stick at.

But why you'd want to be shaking sticks when you could be catching up with the biggest wearable tech news of the week if beyond us.

Get on with it...

Microsoft Band launches, goes on sale

A Microsoft smartwatch was rumoured to be arriving before Christmas but nobody was expecting a fitness tracker, and nobody was expecting anything to launch before October was even finished. But that's exactly what's happened as the Redmond tech goliath unveiled the Microsoft Band as well as announcing the new Microsoft Health platform.

Check out our guide to the Microsoft Band for all the details.

Fitbit unleashes a trio of new trackers

Fitbit overhauled its entire wearable line-up on Monday, announcing the Fitbit Charge and Fitbit Charge HR fitness bands and the Fitbit Surge, the company's first smartwatch.

The three devices were expected after a series of leaks spoiled the surprise. However, the company has a vastly improved line up, packing GPS and heart rate monitoring into the new devices, that seem aimed more at runners and sports people than its previous offerings.

Google Fit lands to take on Apple (and Microsoft now, it seems)

Google Fit left the developer labs this week and is now a bonafide Apple Health rival, after it hit Google Play.

The service takes the form of an Android app and a web based portal, which can collect health info from a range of wearable devices, using APIs from the likes of Withings, Nike, HTC, LG, Motorola, Noom, Runtastic, RunKeeper and Polar.

See how it compares to its Cupertino rival's existing platform in our showdown of Google Fit v Apple Health.

Smartwatch release date and price info galore

Sony officially announced the price of its debut entry to the Android Wear market, revealing that the SmartWatch 3 will cost $249.99 Stateside and £189.99 in the UK. The watch will ship to people who pre-order on 16 November.

Next up, the Moto 360 was finally made available in the UK, weeks after the Android Wear smartwatch was made available Stateside. The Moto 360 will set Brits back £199.99 and is available to buy direct through Motorola now.

Finally, the Samsung Gear S was given an official launch date with the Korean company confirming that the 3G-enabled smartwatch will go on sale in the US on 7 November. The price depends on what carrier you decide to opt for. T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T have all confirmed they will be stocking the Gear S.

Crowdfund this

This week's crowdunding standout was Ditto; a small device that clips on to your clothes, or pops into your pocket, and connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth.

Sounds simple right? Exactly - check out our roundup of the best kickstarters to find out why we like the sound of it so much.

Next week...

Strewth, what a week. Let's hope we can catch our breath in time for all of next week's big announcements.

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