The week in wearable tech

A look back at the biggest stories from the past seven days
The week in wearable tech

MWC 2017 kicks off this week and we're expecting a whole host of exciting new wearables to go live at the Barcelona-based expo.

Before all the action unfolds though - let's first catch up on the current state of play in the wearable tech world. Here's the big headlines from the industry of the past seven days...

Huawei Watch 2 looks to be a show stopper

The week in wearable tech

The biggest smartwatch reveal at MWC looks to be the Huawei Watch 2. During the week a set of new images leaked, seemingly showing us what the Android Wear 2.0 wearable looks like.

The new Huawei smartwatch is said to have a 42mm case, 1.4-inch display, and leather and stainless steel straps. It's also likely to feature a nanoSIM slot so you can use it as a separate cellular device.

Could it be a contender for the best smartwatch title? We'll know more in a few days.

Qualcomm ramps up its VR ambitions

The week in wearable tech

Qualcomm took the covers off its new virtual reality headset development kit on Thursday - an update to the model we saw last year. It's powered by the company's new Snapdragon 835 chip and offers eye tracking, foveated rendering, inside-out six degrees of freedom, and hand tracking courtesy of Leap Motion.

The reference headset will ship to manufacturers in Q2 2017 and hopefully we'll start seeing consumer VR headsets by the year's end.

Fitbit didn't dig all that deep for Pebble

The week in wearable tech

Fitbit's latest earnings release revealed it paid $23 million for Pebble, significantly less than the $30-40 million range reported at the time. Vector, which Fitbit snapped up this year, cost the company $15 million.

With a hugely anticipated new Fitbit smartwatch incoming, these acquisitions could well be money well spent indeed - luxury watch maker Citizen reportedly offered $740 million for Pebble in 2015.

Apple Watch Series 3 details emerge

The week in wearable tech

The first Apple Watch Series 3 rumours have emerged, with claims the third-gen smartwatch will adopt new display technology. Reports cite supplier TPK Holding, the panel supplier for current Watch models, suggesting Apple is switching things up on the screen front, moving from a glass panel to a glass film touch solution.

Quite what that means for the Series, we're not so sure. It's fair to say that along with the Samsung Gear S3, and Google's array of Android Wear watches, Apple already managed to produce one of the best smartwatch screens out there.


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