The week in wearable tech: Lumo is expanding its mind

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Lumo is expanding its mind
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Things may have quietened down slightly after the new year blitz surrounding CES, but that doesn't mean it wasn't a big week when it came to wearable tech.

After all, Mark Zuckerberg wore a suit when discussing the future of VR, while some tasty info about Android 2.0-packing smartwatches came into focus. If that wasn't all, Lumo Bodytech opened things up and a solution emerged for those looking to turn their Apple Watch into a Macintosh.

Read on to get this week's wearable tech news fix.

Tag's 2nd smartwatch gets a landing date

The week in wearable tech

Thanks to Tag Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver dropping info during an interview this week, we now know when the Swiss watch giant is planning to release its second Android Wear smartwatch.

Biver confirmed that the new Tag smartwatch, sporting Android Wear 2.0, will drop in May and come available in two models, with a smaller version aimed at women. It's also set to come in different colour variants and finishes.

This also comes after notorious tipster Evan Blass reported that Google's upcoming smartwatch duo, the first to showcase Android Wear 2.0, are being built by LG. And if that wasn't enough fresh smartwatch news, more evidenced surfaced to indicate ZTE will soon release its first Android Wear watch.

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Suited Zuck-man hints at more VR $

The week in wearable tech

Facebook supremo Mark Zuckerberg testified in the Zenimax vs Oculus court case this week, which also involved some tidbits about the future of VR.

One of the major notes dropped was the potential for Facebook to invest $3 billion in the platform over the next five to ten years — another sign that low first-gen Oculus Rift sales haven't put him off. This suited appearance has also opened up a pandora's box of questions concerning the rest of Zuck's wardrobe, like, what does he wear when he goes on a run?

Also in VR news this week, a mask that lets you smell virtual reality porn, a look inside the new Realities Centre in London and why you need Oculus Touch.

Lumo is expanding its mind

The week in wearable tech

Away from suits and smartwatches, fitness and posture wearables company Lumo Bodytech announced it's opening up its secret tech to third parties.

Lumo, for those of you who remember, are the folks behind the Lumo Lift posture aid and Lumo Run smart running shorts. By allowing developers free rein into its Motion Science Platform, which includes algorithms, sensors and general know-how for improving posture and running form, we should eventually see companies integrate the tech into everything from clothes to jewellery.

The move isn't entirely surprising considering competitors, such as smart clothes maker Sensoria and sports watch company Suunto, have also broadened their horizons in recent times.

Send your Apple Watch back in time

The week in wearable tech

On the lighter side of things, Apple disciples were blessed with a path to peak fandom after an Apple Watch stand posing as a mini Macintosh surfaced.

The nostalgic piece holds both the 38mm and 42mm models of the Apple Watch Series 2 and Series 1, as well as letting you make use of Nightstand mode. It's probably a bit too hardcore for most out there looking for a stand, but you have to respect the dedication to include a floppy disk cutout.

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