The week in wearable tech

All the big wearable stories of the week in one place
The week in wearable tech

Welcome wearable lovers to another week in the world of wearable tech. We've rounded up all the week's biggest and most important stories in one place, so you don't have to trawl the web to find the stories that really mattered.

We've got big Pebble and Android Wear news, an update on a big name hearable and our crowdfund pick should appeal to smart home fans.

Read on to get this week's wearable tech news fix.

Google buys Cronologics for Android Wear

The week in wearable tech

In a bid to strengthen Android Wear, Google announced this week that its has bought up smartwatch OS startup Cronologics.

Founded by ex-Googlers, Cronologics OS currently runs inside the CoWatch, while London startup Blocks also has a partnership with Cronologics for its delayed modular smartwatch.

The team behind the Android based operating system that features Alexa voice controls will now work on getting Android Wear up to scratch.

If you care about smartwatches, our wearable hater wades in on Android Wear, we compare the Apple Watch Series 2 with the Gear S3 and we speak to an ex-Google SVP about saving lives with a smart Apple Watch strap.

Pebble services are safe for 2017

The week in wearable tech

Pebble dev and evangelist, Jon Barlow revealed that Fitbit is set to keep Pebble services running in 2017, but after that, the support will be gone.

The Pebble SDK, Timeline APIs and the app store will all continue to run until at least 2018. Pebble Health will continue to work too and doesn't rely on cloud services.

Making Pebble's apps and services less reliant on the cloud, looking to the long term, is a goal of Fitbit's new employees from Pebble. Users can expect an update in the next few months.

Read why the death of Pebble doesn't mean the end of wearables and check out Fossil's new hybrid smartwatch collection.

Under Armour's new smart running shoes

The week in wearable tech

Under Armour has unveiled three new smart running shoes that will land in 2017 and will know when you're too tired to go out for a run.

The Gemini 3, Velociti and Europa all offer automatic run tracking but now also include a new Jump Test feature that can assess muscular fatigue and offer insights to better manage the intensity of your workouts.

Prices for the new connected shoe range start from $140 and will be on show at CES 2017 in January.

Check out our top tips for training in the winter, plus we give our verdict on Jabra''s fitness tracking hearable and Amazefit's budget fitness tracker.

Apple AirPods now available to order

The week in wearable tech

Apple's truly wireless earbuds are now up for grabs, after they were expected to land back in October.

While you can now add them to your basket in the online Apple Store, shipping time is expected to take four weeks. So if you were hoping to give someone a pair for Christmas, you better think of a plan B.

If you need a reminder, Apple's AirPods let you access Siri to select and control your music, change the volume and check your battery life. They also come packed with sensors to detect when the buds are in your ears but lack the fitness tracking features found on the Bragi Dash, Samsung Gear IconX and Jabra Sport Elite.

Our features editor Sophie explains why making smart earbuds is so difficult, we review the Sony Xperia Ear, and we pick out our favourite hearables.

Sevenhugs is a magic smart home remote

The week in wearable tech

This week's crowdfund pick is a pretty impressive sounding remote that wants to take control of everyone of your smart home devices.

The HD touchscreen-toting device works in combination with a series of motion tracking sensors you'll need to set up in your room. Then you'll be able to point at your connected thermostat, Philips Hue lighting system or even smart lock and it'll bring up an interface that let's you take control.

Sevenhugs has raised over $1 million, way over its $50,000 target. You can still pledge a minimum of $199 to get your hands on one.

In other smart home news, Google launched its new Android Things IoT platform and we select the best smart home systems to fit into your home.

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