The week in wearable tech

A look back at the biggest stories from the last seven days
The week in wearable tech

As usual, it's been a busy week for all things wearable and VR. You can check out Field of view for the big news around VR, and here, we'll dole out the most important and interesting bits of wearable headlines all in one place for your convenience.

This week, it's all about hitting pre-orders, cancellations and delays. Read on for more details.

Pokémon Go Plus delayed

Pokémon Go is the biggest AR game that the world is currently obsessed with comes with its very own wearable but don't get too excited - it's been delayed.

Now slated for a September release, the Pokémon Go Plus is priced at $34.99 and was originally due to ship at the end of July. Pre-orders were open on the Nintendo Store but the device has been listed as unavailable recently.

Skully AR-1 isn't happening

Not all crowdfunded campaigns are successful and Skully - the startup behind the $1,500 augmented reality motorcycle helmet, is the latest casualty. Skully raised $2.4 million in its Indiegogo campaign, making it the most successful wearable tech project on the platform.

However CEO and founder of the company has left making it unclear whether backers will get the AR helmet or full refunds.

Bellabeat Leaf Urban pre-orders opening

There will be a new Leaf in town come August called the Bellabeat Leaf Urban and it sounds like a big improvement on the first design.

Leaf Urban is smaller, water resistant and everything you loved in the first wearable will be on the new one too. Additions include an overview of all the data to help prepare you to face stress.

The co-founder and COO Urska Srsen told us why these features have made it onto the Bellabeats and how it's all useful for the connected, mindful person.

Crowdfund this: Diskus

The latest Crowdfund this we've picked is a deviec from ThanoTech. Called Diskus, it's simply an Apple Watch charger but instead of the wire being permanently fixed to the dock, you can use a Micro USB plug in the portable dock.

There's a cable that comes in the box, obviously, but thanks to the huge supply of MicroUSBs, we're sure you'll have a few or 1o sitting around. Diskus costs $30 and shipping is estimated for October.


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