The week in wearable tech

All the big wearable stories of the week in one place
The week in wearable tech

Welcome to another week in the world of wearable tech. We've rounded up all the week's biggest and most important stories in one place, so you don't have to trawl the web to find the stories that really mattered.

With E3 2016 and WWDC we got no less than the future of VR gaming and the (near) future of the Apple Watch this week.

And if you're big into VR then check out our new weekly regular, the week in VR, for your dose of all the news that's shaping the future of virtual reality.

Apple watchOS 3 features detailed

We didn't get an Apple Watch 2 (not that we were expecting to), but Apple did use its WWDC keynote to announce watchOS 3. Standout features include faster apps, easier to use controls and extra wellbeing features. The update looks like it will totally change how we use Apple's smartwatch.

In other WWDC related news, Apple unveiled Home, a dedicated app that will control all of your HomeKit devices from one place. Expect to smarten up your home in the fall when it arrives as part of Apple's iOS 10 update.

Android Wear 2.0 is not for everyone

Bad news owners of the original Moto 360 or the LG G Watch, the big Android Wear 2.0 update won't be available for older Android Wear watches. Hitting Google-powered smartwatches later this year, it signals the first major deviation away from the Android Wear philosophy of a controlled experience for all. It's perhaps not all that surprising considering its taken a similar approach with its Nexus smartphones and tablets.

Elsewhere in the world of smartwatches, a report suggests serious runners favour smartwatches over fitness trackers, Pebble Time Round gets two new limited editions and we get the lowdown on Blocks, the modular smartwatch.

Basis Peak is having overheating problems

Sales of Intel's Basis Peak have been halted due to an issue with a small number of the fitness wearable that are causing overheating, burns, blisters and discomfort.

It's already working on a software update to remedy the issue, but it's advising owners to stop wearing it for now. Unhappy Peak users can also get a full refund from the company website.

Elsewhere in the world of fitness, we spoke to the CEO of Atlas Wearables to talk about the limitations of Fitbit and Jawbone, we look ahead to the future of tracking, and we explain why you don't have to spend big on a fitness tracker.

Octopus is a smartwatch for kids

This icon based watch for kids links the time to events and sends virtual reminders for events like bath time or feeding the cat, from parents. It's currently up for grabs on Kickstarter, with a $59 pledge securing one in a range of fun colours with shipping expected in March 2017.

In other crowdfunding related news, we hear about the Nimb and Mangos smart rings that double as personal safety alarms plus, we talk to the creator of a star shaped wearable that could get kids talking to their parents more.


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