​The week in wearable tech

All the big wearable stories of the week in one place
​The week in wearable tech

Welcome to another week in the world of wearable tech. We've rounded up all the week's biggest and most important stories in one place, so you can get yourself caught up quickly.

This week we have news on Facebook's new camera, Oculus delays, some super cool Android Wear watch faces and a smart bike that's got us salivating.

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Wearable payments take off

Wearable payments are set to explode, if you believe new research by Juniper Research. With $35 billion spent from our Apple Watches, Jawbone UP4s and smart Swiss watches in 2015 the company expects that number to grow to $95 billion by 2018.

That figure will account for just 2% of non-card payments "by value" in 2018, which is still pretty small fry, but with the likes of MasterCard busy signing deals to stick NFC tech in wearables, that figure could be a fairly conservative estimate.

usTwo launches Android Wear face maker

If you're looking to jazz up your Android Wear smartwatch, a new app from the creators of Monument Valley could be right up your street. Face Maker lets you customise and build watch faces straight from your Android Wear smartwatch, and as you'd expect from usTwo, who was also behind gorgeous mindbending VR game Land's End, they look pretty special.

Android Wear fans should also check out our guide to building custom watch faces and also our Android Wear super guide. If you're shopping for the latest smartwatches then our Android Wear smartwatch buyer's guide is an essential read.

Facebook is VR crazy but Oculus delayed

It was Facebook's annual conference F8 this week, and unsurprisingly, VR took centre stage. The company launched its Surround360 VR camera, which packs in 14 cameras and two fish-eye lenses and will produce footage that can be stitched together to create 8K quality video for each eye.

It's a bid to help kickstart the production of content for its Oculus Rift headset which launched last month, but is already beset by delays. Component shortages have meant that pre-orders placed in January might not ship until late June. It's a situation that's left Oculus execs pretty embarrassed, as they revealed to Wareable in an interview.

The VR race has hotted up immensely this month, with our HTC Vive review landing. And if you're not sure which VR headset is best for you, why not check out our Oculus Rift v HTC Vive guide.

GoPro launches Dev Program, snags Polar

GoPro went live with its Developer Program this week and sports wearable giant Polar has been one of the first to jump on board. The company's flagship sports watch, the Polar V800, now has the power to control GoPro action cams remotely and also overlay data on heart rate, distance, speed and altitude onto your totally rad footage.

Make sure you check out our guide to the best wearable action cameras money can buy and also our list of the best GPS sports watches.

SpeedX Leopard is cyclist's dream

At Wareable we round up the best Kickstarter campaigns on a weekly basis, but this one got us truly excited. The SpeedX Leopard is a full carbon fibre smart road bike that collects a tonne of data about your ride, including heart rate, GPS distance and speed, cadence and power. What's more, it's available at a great price and delivers quickly. This is what crowdfunding should be about.


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