The week in wearable tech

A look back at the top stories of the last seven days
The week in wearable tech

With the fallout from CES dying down, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the wearable news agenda would have slowed down a notch or two.

Not a jot though, it's been another busy week in the world of wearable tech. Read on for the main headlines of the last seven days...

Alton Towers unveils VR 'coaster

Galactica is set to be Alton Towers' first VR rollercoaster, opening this April. Using custom Samsung Gear VR headsets, Galactica is a pimped up version of the theme park's popular Air ride.

The three minute ride, set in 3016, guides you through the solar system to fictional planets including volcano based Nero 5 and Kepler 9, a frost covered orb.

It's clear that VR is going beyond gaming.

Google working on a hearable

This week we learned that Google is working on a Glass-compatible hearable with United Sciences. Brand ambassador of the Atlanta-based company and the man behind Google Glass, Thad Starner, has apparently been working alongside Google on their in-ear wearable.

Hearables are big business at the moment. Coachella is even getting stages optimised for Here active listening earbuds.

HTC Vive pre-order date revealed

The Steam VR powered headset is up for pre-order on 29 February, with a release date of April 2016. Unfortunately, there is no confirmed price for the device that includes redesigned controllers and a front-facing camera.

In other Vive news, Cloudhead Games has used the headset in their upcoming title The Gallery: Call of the Starseed with the use of motion capture. Watch this augmented space.

Apple Watch leading the way

According to a report by Juniper, the Apple Watch dominated 2015 with an impressive 52% of all smartwatch sales, dwarfing Android Wear's 10%.

Compiled from publicly available data, Juniper's research also concluded that 30% of people were hesitant in purchasing a smartwatch due to a lack of compelling reasons to buy, including apps and capabilities.

Check out our in-depth Apple Watch guide and take a look at the best smartwatches on sale now.

Crowdfund this

The focus this week was on the all-new Hexoskin Smart shirt. It's laced with sensors designed to monitor heart rate, breathing and movement, and is now fitted with a Bluetooth Smart sensor; allowing you to pair with your favourite fitness apps such as MapMyRun, RunKeeper and Strava, as well as a whole host of third-party accessories.


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