The week in wearable tech

The biggest headlines of the last seven days
The week in wearable tech

We could moan that it's been a "slow news week" but we know what's coming: expect plenty of fresh tech, apps and platforms out of CES 2016 next week.

But, before then, let's catch up with the stories that you might have missed in the last week...

Oculus Touch will be late

Oculus Rift's controllers will not ship with the headset in early 2016. We'll be waiting until the second half of the year when Oculus perfects the ergonomics. Groan. The news was revealed by the company this week in a blog post.

We've had our hands-on Oculus Touch and it really does add to the VR experience. For it to be missing at launch is a major kick in the privates, especially given that HTC's Vive headset will arrive with its newly designed controllers in April.

There's no news yet on a price for either of the headsets or indeed that of the main console contender, PlayStation VR.

Samsung's experimental wearables

Samsung unveiled three rather wacky wearable concepts ahead of demos at CES next week: a Gear VR controller, smart belt and call enhancing watch strap.

Samsung is clear that these are concepts, not fully fledged products, and the idea is to get useful feedback from CES 2016 to "assess their market potential".

Take a look at the other wearable tech we expect to see at CES next week.

Xiaomi's big numbers

It's not just Fitbit boasting big numbers, Chinese company Xiaomi has released figures stating it sold over 10 million Mi Band fitness trackers in the first nine months of the year.

If you own the budget tracker, make sure you read our Xiaomi Mi Band tips and tricks.

Snowy brings Siri-like powers to Pebble

This new Pebble virtual assistant app plays nice with Timeline and includes IFTTT support. It adds to voice memos already on Time watches via Nuance tech.

Make sure you read our pick of the best Pebble apps.


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