The week in wearable tech

The biggest stories from a whopper of a week for wearables
The week in wearable tech

It was the week that designer fashion brands finally got serious about wearable tech. We saw the most luxurious Android Wear watch revealed and a huge takeover take place.

Read on for all the major headlines...

Tag Heuer Connected on sale

We knew it was coming but it's still made a huge impact on the wearable world. The Tag Heuer Connected was unveiled at an event in New York on Monday. It costs a whopping $1,500 and is on sale now.

Check out our hands-on review of Tag's new smartwatch for our first impressions and read our essential guide on the Tag Heuer Connected for all the important details. We also spoke with Intel and Google to get the inside story on how it came to be.

Finally, take a look at our revamped look at the best smartwatches currently on sale.

Fossil swallows Misfit whole

We knew Fossil had serious wearable tech ambitions – it launched a trio of new fitness trackers along with the Q Founder Android Wear smartwatch last month – but maybe we didn't know just how serious. The fashion brand is buying Misfit for a cool $260 million.

The acquisition not only means Fossil owning Misfit's impressive fitness tracking tech – including its long battery life skills – but also expanding its connected tech offerings with "new distribution channels, new products, new brands and new enterprise partnerships, including music, fitness, healthcare and digital entities."

Android Wear calling features dial in

Android Wear now boasts support for calling and cellular connections for the first time. And we haven't had long to wait for a supported device, as the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE will the first smartwatch to take advantage - it's available to pre-order now.

MyZone MZ-3 helps your heart

The MyZone MZ-3 is now on sale - a heart rate monitoring chest strap that adds a level of competition to regular heart rate training. The MyZone platform studies a user over time and handicaps their levels - of which there are five, all colour coded - depending on their statistics.

Have a look at our guide: Heart rate monitors - Chest vs wrist.

Crowdfund this

Vitruvius only needs $10,000 to make its Oculus and Virtuix Omni-compatible VR platformer MushroomBallVR a reality. You can play in third person with gamepads but the real fun will come from entering the retro styled Kingdom of Mervil in first person gameplay - with your virtual self in a freaking mushroom ball, no less - while on Virtuix's crazy VR treadmill accessory.


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