The week in wearable tech

Your complete roundup of the last seven days in wearable tech
The week in wearable tech

Wearable tech came over all topsy turvy this week just in time for London Fashion Week.

Google Glass is suddenly sexy and mysterious, Apple's Watch update has been delayed and calorie counting could be a con. Say what?

Apple's watchOS 2 is delayed

In a fairly uncharacteristic move, Apple postponed the rollout of watchOS 2 as the big update was delayed on Wednesday due to a bug. Native apps and third party complications are still on their way, just a bit late.

For those longing for such features as customisable watch faces, third-party complications, and native Watch apps, the delay of watchOS 2 is crushing. This is no incremental upgrade.

See how the Apple Watch measures up to the new Moto 360.

PlayStation VR is Morpheus' new name

Sony announced the final name for its VR headset at the Tokyo Game Show and it's the somewhat obvious - but slightly less cool - PlayStation VR. Fresh demos were also being shown off including Final Fantasy in VR.

Sony didn't give out any more details about when the VR headset will go on sale and it's likely to be beaten by the HTC Vive's limited late 2015 rollout and possibly also the Oculus Rift's 2016 release.

Google Glass lives on as Project Aura

No not the modular phone – that's Project Ara, you fool. This is the rebrand of Glass, under Tony Fadell and with a team including ex-Amazon research labs engineers. With Apple levels of secrecy, consider us intrigued.

Since Google Glass Explorer Edition was pulled from the shelves earlier this year, the smartglasses world has gone quiet. But it would be unfair to say the category is dead. Glass is certainly still alive and well at Google and Intel snapped up Recon Instruments, taken a share of Vuzix and made some meaningless partnerships with glasses giant Luxottica.

Samsung Gear S2 3G isn't coming to the UK

We chatted to Samsung UK's VP of Mobile this week, and he told us the sportier S2 will only launch in the US and Korea to begin with.

In case you're confused about the line-up, we mean the Gear S2 model that has an e-SIM for making calls without a smartphone, built-in GPS, a bigger 300mAh battery and a slightly thicker profile on the wrist.

The Gear S2 promises to be one of the best smartwatches available.

Crowdfund this

The SMRT Mouth is a clever piece of tech. Not only does it do the regular gum shield duty of stopping people from having their teeth bashed in, it throws in a wealth of biometric sensing. It monitors hydration and heart rate levels to prevent athletes suffering from heat and exhaustion related illnesses.

The Virginia company is looking for $50,000 in crowdfunding before mid-October to "catapult the research and development to production in 2016".


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