The week in wearable tech

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The week in wearable tech

Welcome to our weekly recap of the biggest stories in the world of wearable tech.

If you've been living under a rock for the past seven days, then you're in the right place. Read on for the biggest headlines from the week in wearable tech, virtual reality and smart home.

Apple Watch sales: What Tim Cook let slip

The Apple Watch's purported 'sales slump' has been big news again this week, as the company revealed its quarterly results. Against the backdrop of rumours about a lack of shipments, Tim Cook said the Apple Watch was off to "a great start" and revealed global sales were actually higher in June than April or May.

With sales of 4 million to date, the Watch is the bestselling smartwatch of 2015. New estimates claim the Apple Watch represents 75% of the market in just three months.

Garmin unveils underwater HR monitors

Garmin has released a set of new heart rate monitors, designed for swimmers. The new heart rate monitors can sync with the Forerunner 920XT, Fenix 3 or Epix and Garmin Connect. The HRM-Swim is designed for pool workouts, while the HRM-Tri is for triathletes.

Both devices are compact and designed to affect your exercise as little as possible while offering "the most comprehensive data" to help you train.

Second gen Moto Hint

The original hearable from Motorola suffered from a high price tag, unreliable audio and battery life was a pain. But now a new version, the Moto Hint Plus, seems to have addressed these issues.

It looks to be the same overall design and size, but the battery life has been bumped from 10 to 17 hours (including the carry case that charges the hearable). There's improved sound quality thanks to wind-cancelling tech and it's now on sale for $129.99.

Sony Smart B-Trainer Headphones

Sony has got into the biometric headphones game with its running-based Sony Smart B-Trainer earbuds. The on-board sensors include a heart rate monitor, GPS and an accelerometer.

There's 16GB of memory for storing your tunes, and it can track distance, time, speed, pace, cadence, steps, stride, running route, elevation and burned calories. There's no need for your smartphone and you can sync data to the app when you return from your run.

Crowdfund this

This week's Crowdfund this choice is the smart Lumos cycling helmet which aims to offer cyclists a better degree of safety. When turning, a wireless handlebar remote can turn on bright arrows on the rear of the helmet, telling everyone which way you're going. There's even an accelerometer that can tell when you've slowed down and will illuminate the brake lights.

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