The week in wearable tech

Seven days of wearable and smart home launches to consider
The week in wearable tech

This week we've got devices we weren't expecting - new Misfit, new Polar, new Moov and new Hive thermostat - and some delays to devices we were - the HTC Grip isn't going to ship any time soon and Xiaomi's smart shoes might stay in China.

Here's the biggest headlines from the week in wearable tech, virtual reality and smart home.

Moov Now sports coach gets an upgrade

Moov Now is updated sports coach

One of our favourite sports wearables just got a slim new look, six month battery life and daily activity tracking smarts. The best thing about Moov is that it gives you real world tips to get you fitter or faster not just meaningless stats. The new Moov Now is up for pre-order now at an early bird price of just $59.99.

Also this week, Polar announced its Loop 2 fitness band with smartphone notifications. The fully waterproof tracker will land in July. Check out our round-ups of the best running apps and the best gym wearables for more help deciding on your training set up.

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Swatch smartwatch is ready to launch

20,000 Swatch smartwatches ready to go

Still not convinced by the Apple Watch or Android Wear? 2015 will see some big players enter the smartwatch market with - reportedly - different takes on what a smartwatch should do.

Swatch is one and its CEO says it has 20,000 units of its first smartwatch, which will handle NFC payments, ready to ship to the launch countries of Switzerland, the US and China this summer.

Also on the horizon is Samsung's Gear A smartwatch which we should see in early September at IFA - check out our guide of the most convincing rumours.

Welcome to your Hive smart home

British Gas makes big smart home splash

British Gas has teamed up with industrial designer Yves Béhar to take on Google and Nest with an all-new Hive thermostat plus smart lights, plugs and sensors which will be introduced to the Hive ecosystem this autumn. It also has plans to expand into the US and make the smart home "accessible to everyone" not just the wealthy and the geeky.

Take a look at some vintage smart home visions through the ages to see how far we've come. And check out the smart home kit Amazon thinks will be bestsellers this Christmas.

Hand tracking tech coming to Oculus Rift

Oculus expands its headset's arsenal

Oculus has just dropped $60 million on Pebbles Interfaces, an Israel-based company that specialises in hand tracking tech. The Oculus Touch controllers are all well and good but Palmer Luckey and co have set their sights higher for Oculus Rift CV2 it seems.

Elsewhere in gaming, Philips announced the first official Hue-compatible console game, Chariot for Xbox One, and we filtered through hundreds of apps to give you the 33 absolute best Apple Watch apps and games.

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Crowdfund this

This week's Crowdfund this pick is Tune, a set of sensor-laden insoles and a Bluetooth clip for your running shoes which takes 1,000 readings a second to track your technique in real time.

Check out our guide on how to buy a fitness tracker and essential fitness apps that are compatible with Apple Health if you're just getting started.

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