The week in wearable tech

Every big story from the last seven days in one place
The week in wearable tech

After the mayhem of the Apple Watch launch the week before, the last seven days have seen the wearable tech world settling back down and non-Cupertino based stories making headlines once again.

Here's a handy roundup of the week's biggest stories to help you keep up to speed. Don't forget to also bookmark our wearable tech news page to hear about the top stories as they break.

Tag Heuer smartwatch launch in November

The Tag Android Wear smartwatch, built together with Google and Intel, will go on sale in October or November 2015 for $1,400, it was revealed this week. The details were spilled by Jean-Claude Biver, Tag Heuer CEO, who also confirmed a battery life of around 40 hours.

Can it really take on the Apple Watch at the luxury smartwatch top table?

LG Watch Urbane hits Google Store

The LG Watch Urbane is now on sale from the Google Store. The Urbane is the most expensive Android Wear smartwatch so far costing £259 in the UK and $349 in the States.

More details emerged this week regarding LG's Korean rival Samsung's next smartwatch as well. Check out our guide about all you need to know about the so-called Samsung Gear Orbis.


Over in San Francisco, at the Build developer conference, Microsoft showed off a live demo of its HoloLens headset in action. The company also released a new, behind the scenes video which shows off some early prototype designs.

How does HoloLens measure up? Take a look at our pick of the top AR and VR headsets.

TomTom Bandit

TomTom is the latest company to nip at GoPro's heels with its own action camera, the Bandit, that aims to improve on the Hero range's few faults.

Talking of GoPro; it has just announced that it is buying the French startup Kolor which builds interactive software for stitching together images and video.

Crowdfund this

Game, set and match...the focus of this week's crowdfunding feature was Pulse Play.

It's a simple idea, designed to do battle with an age old problem of people who cheat at tennis. Rather than let your dubious pals keep score, it keeps a track of all the points you score, on yours and your opponent's bands, and the overall score too.


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    I know wearables have to follow fashion, as do all other things we drape or adorn our bodiies with. But we are entering into a new realm of thinking, a whole new way of communicating with one another, I'm referring to our day to day , what we call , normal lives. Five years from now, it's going to be different, significally different, as to the way we go about our daily lives. Technology is moving like a malestrome, or is on the borderline of this now. Can you imagine for just a moment, just close your eyes and try to think of nothing else. Let's pretend for a moment we have all the money we want to spend. And centralized in our homes is our mainframe information center , I'll call it for now. And we have our laptops, which only weigh a pound, and the younger ones have their little tablets , because they are beginning to teach technology early on in school now and even moreso will be needed then. Everything we have in and around our lives will be going in the direction of the New internet. The world , along with every item , including your toaster, is going to be connected. Now, you are up in the morning headed out in your new driverless car to work or school or maybe for a long trip just to see Gramma. You can sit comfortably in the rear cushioned area and communicate with anyone you need there because your auto in online. There is a giant race right now going on between several   large companies to put sattelites , 1000s of them to literally overlap the entire earth with wifi internet. And in 5 years they may call it something else because it may be a 1000 times greater than we think it's going to be. Let us say that it's winter time. Well your designer leather coat is equipped with motion sensors heat sensors smell sensors , sensors to monitor every movement your body makes, it's monitored by your personal physician ,you will blow into a device that will tell your Dr. if you are going to have cancer next year. The device is on the market today. The coat is equipped with a 360 degree camera system as well. Maybe even sonar who knows. Radar? 2015 cars have it , don't laugh. Have you heard about WIBO yet? That's just waiting to happen. You would just have to have a little cart to carry the battery for your " systeme' ". Now that you are on your trip to see Gramma, you catch up on a little archaeology 1 on the way down , and some office work on the way back. And you had a nice lunch with Gramma. And now we are connected. 


    PS: Question for you?

    What do you do when you think you have finished your work?

    I have several answers for that one, what are yours, I'm interested.

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