The week in wearable tech

All the biggest stories from the week in one place
The week in wearable tech

Welcome back to our weekly round up of all the big stories in world of wearables.

This time out we focus on a turbulent week for Fitbit, as well as updates on a new smartwatch from Samsung and brand new tech from Garmin.

If you've taken your eye off the wearable ball this week, let us catch you up.

Fitbit IPO and lawsuit

It's been a busy week for Fitbit, which first unveiled its intention to go public before getting slapped with a common fraud and false advertising lawsuit – a charge Fitbit fully refutes.

In its IPO filing, Fitbit valued itself at $100m and revealed enormous revenues for the past 12 months. However, it's been targeted by lawyers regarding the accuracy of its sleep tracking.

If that wasn't enough action for one week, Fitbit also announced a two-way data partnership with fitness app giant Strava.

Check out our round up of the best fitness apps for smartwatches and smartphones, check out our review of the Fitbit Charge HR and of course, our ever-present best fitness trackers round up.

Samsung Gear A updates

We've been speculating over the next Samsung smartwatch for weeks now, but when the SDK dropped this week we got a big clue as to what it will look like, and how it will work.

The Samsung Gear A, codename Orbis, is set to be the Koren giant's first round-faced smartwatch, and will feature a twisting bezel which will control elements of the interface.

For a run down of all the nitty-gritty check out our guide to the Samsung Gear A and, in the mean time, check out our round-up of the best smartwatches.

Apple Watch video review

If you read our in-depth review of the Apple Watch already, then forgive us: we've gone and updated it. We've joined forces with our friends at Btekt for a video review, which is truly excellent, and offers a hand-on look at some of the features in the way only moving pictures can provide.

What's more, since we published our guide, Wareable contributing editor Sophie has been giving it the once over, and has published her guide to the Apple Watch for women.

New Garmin Forerunner 225

Perhaps one of the biggest stories of the week that's largely slipped under the radar is Garmin's announcement that its new Forerunner 225 running watch would pack optical heart rate sensing from the wrist.

A leader in sports tracking tech, Garmin has resisted an wrist-based heart rate sensing willy-waving contest with the likes of Fitbit and Apple – until now. The company has interestingly turned to Mio for the optical heart rate tech, going some way to back up the company's claims to Wareable in a recent interview.

Be sure to check out our round-up of the best running watches, and our guide to using heart rate zones to be a better runner.

Crowdfund this

Every week we pick a top crowdfunding project to get behind – and this time it's the turn of Kokoon. Hailing from the UK, it's essentially a pair of headphones that are comfortable enough to sleep in. The headphones will play audio to match your sleep patterns and the company claims it can assist you with more refreshing power naps.


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