The week in wearable tech

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The week in wearable tech

The week in wearables has been quieter than of late but that doesn't mean we don't still have smartwatch releases, Kickstarter campaign records and new smart home devices for you.

It's a tentative time for wearable tech - we've got the big guns of MWC, SXSW and Baselworld out of the way and now it's just eight days until the Apple Watch hits stores. We've more details on that too.

Read on for your weekly digest of what's what in wearables.

Pebble Time campaign breaks records

Pebble just sold close to 100,000 Time and Time Steel smartwatches in a month. Not bad for an indie darling, returning to Kickstarter without the marketing might of Apple or Samsung.

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It also made $20m as a result making it the biggest Kickstarter campaign ever - check the stats as to how many people bought what here.

If you didn't pledge but are perhaps waiting to check out the Apple Watch, the Pebble Time and Time Steel will go on general sale later on this year. Check out our hands on with the Pebble Time and our first impressions of the Pebble Time Steel to help make up your mind.

We've also just updated our list of the best budget smartwatches (under $150) you can buy with options from Pebble, Sony, LG and this newbie from Alcatel.

Alcatel's OneTouch Watch up for pre-order

We were pleasantly surprised when we encountered the $150 Alcatel OneTouch Watch - it's looks better than it has any right to be at the price and the spec sheet isn't bad too.

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Proprietary OS, 2 - 5 day battery life, circular display and it's cross-platform so it'll work with iPhone as well as Android.

It's up for pre-order now directly from Alcatel and it'll ship on 1 June.

We'll update the story with UK pricing when we get it not to mention a full review to see if its performance lets it down.

You can't impulse buy the Apple Watch

Apple Watch appointment only

This one had us confused. Staff training documents have emerged that suggest we won't be able to buy or even try on an Apple Watch in-store without an appointment. There go the huge queues on 10 April and 24 April then.

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Instead, we'll have to arrange a scheduled time for an Apple employee to demo the wearable and discuss the range of straps and finishes as well as how to use things like the Digital Crown.

If you're looking to buy an Apple Watch, you can find all the specs, features and models here.

Xiaomi's budget smart home

Xiaomi launches $16 Mi Smart Weight Scale

We really thought we were getting a Xiaomi smartwatch. That's likely still on the cards but at Xiaomi's big launch event in Beijing, we did get some new budget smart home devices alongside the usual smartphones.

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There's a set of Mi smart scales, priced at just $16, which are pretty basic in metrics (no BMI, no heart rate) but hook up to the Mi Fit app and can monitor up to 16 people. And Xiaomi also announced a $10 Smart Plug Board for remotely controlling appliances.

With the $13 Mi Band, its blood pressure monitor and existing smart plugs, Xiaomi could be well on the way to building an entire smart home and health system for less than $700.

Crowdfund This

Our crowdfunding pick this week is the drowsy driving detector Advicy Drive - strap the sensor to your wrist or clip it to your undies and it will monitor your heart rate before pumping those stats through its special algorithm tubes to detect your attention levels.

Start to nod off and a loud alarm will sound. Pick one up for £70 on Kickstarter now.

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