The week in wearable tech

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The week in wearable tech

Wearable tech doesn't get much bigger than the Apple Watch and the Jawbone UP3, 2015's two most anticipated wearable devices, and this week we came one step closing to living with them.

Elsewhere, we saw investments, design moves and some new smart home tech. Remember last week when we said things were quiet? We lied.

Apple Watch pre-orders open

You still can't waltz into an Apple store and buy a Watch yet but if you head to Apple's online Store, you can pre-order its first wearable in mere minutes. Make sure you get the right size - 38mm or 42mm - and have a good look at your finish and band options, we've been swooning over that Milanese loop.

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Just be aware that some models will not be ready to ship when it officially goes on sale on 24 April - some will be waiting till June or even August, for instance.

But what we'd really recommend you do is make an appointment - the Watch looks much more elegant in person than it does in the press or hands on pics and it's not been tricky to make an appointment so far.

And you can try one on in store

5 things we learned in the Apple Store

Yes, you will only be able to see the Watch in demo mode but heading to an Apple store this week to try on all the different models and sizes is definitely a good idea. You're going to be wearing this bit of tech remember, this isn't like ordering an iPhone, it needs to be right for you.

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Unless you're plumping for the Apple Watch Edition, it's not exactly the five star treatment, just an Apple employee taking you through the main features. Still, well worth the time and even on 'launch day' the stores weren't too busy suggesting that many are waiting until they can buy in store, for more reviews or to try one properly themselves.

Jawbone UP3 finally ships this month

Jawbone UP3 ships 20 April in US

Yep, you read that right, we're rubbing our eyes in disbelief too. Jawbone has officially confirmed that the UP3 will ship to those in the US who pre-ordered the device from 20 April. If you live in the UK, Europe or elsewhere you'll be waiting until as as yet unconfirmed date later in 2015.

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There's a snag though - the UP3 is no longer water resistant. Now Jawbone is saying the super powered fitness tracker is shower-proof not pool-proof. Jawbone says if you want to cancel your order because of this change in spec, there will be no charge.

Fitbit hires ex-HTC design exec

Fitbit hires ex-HTC design exec

We've not had any new wearable product announcements this week but we have had a few glimpses into the future, one of which is Fitbit's new hire.

Jonah Becker, HTC's top designer, has been poached by the fitness tracker maker and he could be set to give the Fitbit line a design overhaul. It is trailing behind the likes of Jawbone so we can't wait to see what Becker comes up with.

Crowdfund This

This week's crowdfunding pick has already reached its Indiegogo target but the campaign is still going.

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The HiSmart bag is a convertible backpack/messenger bag that allows you to control music, calls, selfies and other features right from the strap by connecting to your smartphone. It's made from real leather, has a 12 pocket organiser inside and is available for $199 with shipping set for July.

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