The week in wearable tech

The biggest news stories from the last seven days in one place
The week in wearable tech

It's been an incredibly busy week for wearables with the SXSW Interactive festival running until Tuesday and Baselworld 2015 kicking of in Switzerland on Thursday.

So, for the biggest news of the last seven days from Austin, Basel and everywhere in between, simply read on...

Tag Heuer ticks along to Android Wear

Baselworld 2015 kicked off with a bang with Tag Heuer announcing "the world's first luxury Android Wear smartwatch" - the result of a partnership with Intel and Google.

The smartwatch will be on sale before the end of 2015, although Tag Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver wouldn't reveal an exact date.

How will it fare against the best Android Watches on sale now we wonder. And how does Google's smartwatch platform compare to the Apple Watch?

Neptune: One wearable to rule them all

We spoke to Neptune founder Simon Tian about the the new suite of devices he's hoping will shake up the mobile computing world.

Neptune, this week, outed the Suite – a laptop, tablet, smartphone and TV dongle – that are all powered by a smartwatch device.

It's slick looking. Maybe even as slick as the duo of new smartwatches Vector unleashed at Baselworld.

Microsoft Band marches into Britain

Microsoft's first fitness tracker will launch in the UK on 15 April, costing British buyers a penny shy of £170.

Featuring the Modern UI tiles you'll be familiar with from Windows 8 and Windows Phone, the Microsoft Band packs in all the usual activity recording functions such as step counting, calorie burn levels, and sleep quality analysis.

It's certainly not the best fitness tracker on the market, but the hardware and price-tag are appealing.

Oculus Rift double bubble bonus

Over in Texas during a SXSW VR panel, it was confirmed by Oculus' VP Nate Mitchell that the Crescent Bay edition of Oculus Rift, the latest prototype of the VR headset, packs two displays.

"Crescent Bay is a two screen headset," he stated. "It's been rumoured in the community for a long time. Early on we thought one screen was the way to go but ultimately we moved to a two-screen system."

The Rift has a new rival by way of the HTC Vive, recently unveiled at MWC. The VR headset battle is really heating up.

Pebble Time Kickstarts itself

The Pebble Time duo boast an accessory port, allowing developers to build sensors and smartstraps which add extra functionality and this week the Kickstarter, er, started company announced plans to put a chunk of its crowdfunded cash towards boosting the idea.

One of the idea is a module for a heart rate sensor. Talking of which, Mio boss Liz Dickinson told us that Apple and Fitbit's bpm readers are a bit poo. So there.

Crowdfund this

This week's crowdfunder that took our eye was Impression Pi. It's wireless, open source, modular and upgradeable. Plus it works with both Android and iPhone. All for a starting price of just $79.

If you're looking for for the most interesting wearable projects looking for funding on crowdfunding platforms, make sure you bookmark Crowdfund this.


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