The week in wearable tech

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The week in wearable tech

The wearable world is still moving at a ferocious pace, and there's genuine traction in the smartwatch market, right now.

With the Apple Watch now just weeks away, all the talk of smartwatches from Baselworld last week has continued unabated, as a host of players – old and new – enter the fray.

So if you've taken your eye off the ball this week, let us catch you up.

Fitness tracker market to top $5bn

Despite the focus on smartwatches – and of course the Apple Watch – over the last few weeks, it seems that the fitness tracker market is showing little sign of slowing.

While the pace of new releases has slowed, a new report announced this week says that the ever-popular wearable category will grow to $5bn this year from $2bn in 2014.

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Cheap smartwatches land

The smartwatch market is gaining traction – and as last week we left Baselworld 2015 talking about some of the most expensive devices to date, this week the pendulum swung back to the cheapest.

Budget brand Hanspree has shown off its Sports Watch – a $30 smartwatch, which will display basic notifications and track your fitness.

Elsewhere, Coros released a new smartwatch to Kickstarter, a watch we'd generously call a homage original Pebble. While the launch, design and even website have all the hallmarks of the Kickstarter classic, Coros promises a six week battery life and a super low $59 price tag.

Check out our round ups of the best cheap smartwatches on the market today, and everything you need to know about Pebble's latest devices.

Glass isn't dead, promises Schmidt

We already knew that Google Glass wasn't dead, but top boss Eric Schmidt added extra confirmation of that this week.

He was bullish about Glass and his withdrawal of the Explorer programme, and amongst a diatribe of positive rhetoric about the device, he stated: "It [Glass] is a big and very fundamental platform for Google."

We've written extensively about Glass – and its potential. Whatever your opinion on the controversial wearable, read our guide to how Google should fix Glass, and why the smartglasses broke every rule.

Apple Watch tryouts to start

If you're itching to get your hands on the Apple Watch, there was good news this week. Apple announced that the public will be able to go into Apple Stores and try on the Watch from 10 April – and generously for people considering spending $500 – you'll get 15 minutes.

However, those eyeing up the $10,000 Apple Watch Edition will get half an hour of trial time.

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Olio smartwatch will learn how you live

Among the multitude of smartwatch trends emerging this year (designer brands, expensive watches, budget watches, long battery life) new names breaking into the market is one of the biggest.

Last week we saw Vector at Baselworld, and this week, the Olio Model One smartwatch landed. It's releasing two smartwatches this summer, which promise to learn about your life and cut out the digital noise to deliver just the most important notifications to your wrist.

Data overload is a big problem, and one that many wearables are attempting to solve. Check out our investigation into digital deluges and the dangers of wearable data.


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