​The week in wearable tech

All the biggest stories for the past week
​The week in wearable tech

In another huge week for wearables, we round up the biggest news from a busy MWC and GDC.

If you've not been paying attention this week, you have missed a lot. Let us catch you up.

MWC went wearables crazy

At CES back in January we saw literally hundreds of wearables companies exhibiting, yet very few AAA devices from the big players. At MWC in Barcelona this week, the big boys came to play.

New devices were outed from Pebble (more on that shortly), LG, Huawei, and two from HTC including the shocking announcement that it would be making the HTC Vive ­– Valve's first SteamVR headset.

It was a productive show, and you can get all the news and definitive first looks at the new devices at our MWC hub page. With all these new devices to choose from, make sure you check out our round up of the best smartwatches and best Android Wear apps.

Sony Morpheus details revealed

While HTC was taking the wraps off its HTC Vive in Barcelona, Sony was limbering up for an epic three hour session at GDC in San Francisco – the annual meetup for the games industry. While it cooled speculation on Project Morpheus last year, it used GDC to reveal more than ever about its VR headset.

An upgraded screen and some seriously impressive tech specs have made the Morpheus a serious player. Check out our guide to Project Morpheus and also our comparison piece with Sony's Morpheus vs Oculus Rift.

If that doesn't sate your hunger for all things virtual, check out our round up of the best VR headsets and top Oculus Rift games.

Pebble Time Steel looks like Apple Watch

With the Pebble Time released last week, the company took everyone slightly off guard by announcing the Pebble Time Steel, its upmarket counterpart and – oh boy, does it look like the Apple Watch!

We don't think there's any mistake in the choice of colours and styling, and worryingly for Apple, Pebble's watch is $150 cheaper too.

If you're wondering which is best then you simply must read our Apple Watch vs Pebble Time head-to-head, and our interview with Pebble boss Eric Migicovsky.

Xbox games coming to HoloLens

Microsoft also had something to say about HoloLens this week, and it's great news for gamers. The company has revealed that Xbox games will definitely figure on the headset. While it somewhat takes the heat out of the Xbox VR headset rumours, it makes HoloLens one of the most exciting all rounders.

Crowdfund this

This week's wearable crowdfunding tip is for AmbyGear, which is looking for $50,000 for its kid's smartwatch. It features GPS treasure hunts, and kids can earn reward points for attending lessons and clubs.

And seeing it's been such a big week for crowdfunded wearables, we've also rounded up the biggest success stories to date. Enjoy.


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