​The week in wearable tech

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​The week in wearable tech

After a frantic week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last week, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the wearable tech industry would take a well earned breather. But with Apple's latest unveiling of the Apple Watch – including pricing and release date – it could be the most seismic week to date.

While Apple's reveal in California may have stolen the headlines, the week was far from quiet. So if you missed the big news from the week, let us catch you up.

Apple Watch release date revealed

Tim Cook took to the stage on Monday to reveal more about the Apple Watch, including the all important news on when it will hit stores. There wasn't a great deal to be learned from the keynote, but the Cupertino head honcho revealed that the Watch will go on sale on April 24.

We all know that Apple gear is expensive, but the pricing structure for its smartwatch even shocked seasoned tech watchers. The basic Apple Watch Sport edition will start at $350/£299, but the premium standard Apple Watch will set consumers back $549/£479. What about the high-end gold plated Apple Watch Edition? A cool $10,000 (£8,000), at least.

The pricing structure is no doubt aimed at changing perceptions about the Apple Watch, from that of a gadget to a luxury jewellery item – which has stoked much debate about the lifespan of wearables.

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Nike aims at Apple Health and Google Fit

One of the big battle lines being drawn in fitness tech is the struggle to be the aggregator of your data. We've seen Apple Health and Google Fit attempt to be the central database for your fitness information, and data was undoubtedly behind Under Armour's purchase of Endomondo and MyFitnessPal.

Well now Nike has updated its Nike+Running app to suck in information from diverse wearables from the likes of Garmin, Wahoo and TomTom. It's a big move, and a surprising act of information philanthropy, especially from Garmin which has its own excellent Garmin Connect app.

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Samsung is top dog for smartwatches

While the Apple Watch is poised for world domination and Pebble continues to go from strength to strength, it's still Samsung that's the brand to beat in the smartwatch game.

A new report this week revealed that the company shipped 1.2m smartwatches in 2014, giving it a market-leading 18% share. Of course, it has six smartwatches in its armoury, and while Pebble is the biggest single seller, Samsung is still the incumbent.

We're sure that with a target of just 1.2m to beat, Apple is looking at an open goal for the smartwatch market come April 24 – and we wouldn't bet against it trumping its competition in the first week.

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Moto meets its Maker

For smartwatches to be successful, they need to take more cues from the traditional watch world – that was the prognosis from LG's top smartwatch brain at the Wearable Tech Show in London this week.

It seems that its Motorola, not LG, that's taken this tactic to heart. While we're all still waiting for a tweaked Moto 360 2 to hit the shelves, the company has added its existing smartwatch to Moto Maker, its in house customisation suite.

This means that anyone buying a Moto 360 can choose between black, silver and champagne gold, and eight leather and metal watch straps. Buyers can also choose custom watch faces as well.

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