​The week in wearable tech

All the biggest wearable stories of the week
​The week in wearable tech

This week’s seen a seismic shift in wearable tech, and if you missed out, then this could be the most important weekly round up you'll find on the web.

The industry is moving at a frenetic pace, and keeping up is difficult, so check out our round up of the biggest wearable tech stories of the week.

Google kills Google Glass

The end is always a surprise when it comes, and despite Google Glass flatlining over the last few months, we were still caught off guard when Google announced this week that it was putting its smartglasses out to pasture.

We’ve written at length about Google Glass’ problems, of which there were many. But the question now moves onto whether we’ll see another version of Glass in the future.

Well, the team is still going, just under the direction of Nest boss Tony Fadell, so the chances are good. But what was the last product you remember getting publicly shuttered which was later reprieved? Whatever happens, it’s a messy end to a product that deserved better.

You can check out our analysis of the problems faced by Google Glass, and while the poster boy may have fallen from grace, there’s still a host of great AR and VR headsets still going strong.

Apple GoPro camera

Patents uncovered this week have shown that Apple has been looking to make its own action camera, and comments show that it’s gunning for GoPro.

It was the news that GoPro executives never wanted to hear, and the patent outlines plans for multiple methods of shooting video, with both handheld and mounted settings available.

Last year, Wareable revealed that Google could snap up GoPro in 2015, and this news would mean yet another battle line drawn between Cupertino and Mountain View.

Why not check out our round up of the best action cameras, and of course our guide to creating stunning time-lapse photos using your GoPro.

Samsung Gear S underwhelms

We’ve been lusting after the Samsung Gear S since it was unveiled at IFA, and this week our official review was finally published. That’s where the good news ends, and Samsung’s new smartwatch succumbed to a host of disappointments, which marred the positives of this super wearable.

You can read the full Samsung Gear S review here, but why not also check out our newly updated list of the best smartwatch for 2015 or the best fitness trackers?

Zuckerberg is betting big on wearables

If the $2bn he splashed out on Oculus wasn’t evidence enough, Zuck loves wearable tech. He’s been out in the press this week waxing lyrical about the future of Facebook, which he says will be seamlessly woven into our wearables in 10 years time.

We’ve spent plenty of time pontificating over the future of wearable tech, and while we’ve not been looking as far forward as Zuckerberg, we have rounded up the biggest innovations in wearable tech for 2015 in our Wareable50. Also, don’t forget our in-depth look at Oculus Rift and the future of VR technology.

Crowdfund this

This week’s pick of the best crowdfunding project is NapTime, a connected wristband for parents of newborn babies. The idea is that when the baby stirs, the wristband of the on-duty parents vibrates, which means they can comfort their child before everyone in the house is woken by the screaming.

It’s a great idea, which has a genuine benefit for parents. You can also check out the best digital parenting tech in our round up.


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