The Wareable Forum is alive and kicking

Wanna talk wearable tech? There’s a hot new spot in town…
The Wareable Forum is alive and kicking

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We at Wareable consider ourselves the authority on wearable tech. Whether we're rounding up the best fitness trackers, telling you where the Apple Watch went wrong, or getting you up to speed with the exciting battle for VR supremacy, we attack the coolest genre in consumer tech from all angles.

But we realise that it's you, dear readers, who are really fuelling the wearable revolution. You're the early adopters going out there, spending your hard earned cash and strapping the latest gadgets to your body.

And we appreciate that you might need a place to vent your wearable frustrations, seek guidance from your peers, offer tips to new users, or just chew the fat with like-minded folk.

That's where the all-new Wareable Forum comes in. Just launched, the Forum is a one-stop shop for talking anything and everything wearable tech and the connected self.

So, what are you waiting for? Get over there now and join the new community.


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