Spy wearables: 007 yourself with these wearable gadgets

From jetpacks to wearable surveillance, the CIA will be reading this guide
Top spy wearables for wannabe 007s
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James Bond has always been big on wearables, but he's always had Q to design the best tools for the job.

But thanks to the explosion in wearables, you don't have to be a double-0 agent nor even an employee of MI6 to turn yourself into a covert operative. There are gadgets aplenty for every situation from jungle survival to urban conflict; from secret surveillance to evade and escape.

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Whether it's a body-worn camera or a handy tool hidden in your clothes, you'll find it here.

Button camera

The teeniest of tiniest secret, body-worn cameras that you can buy at the moment are the button cams. They come with an array of buttons to match whatever garments you might own with the 'bulk' of the device sitting behind your jacket or shirt.

The cable runs off from that to send the 640 x 480 footage down to storage unit in your pocket which can hold upwards of 2 hours of video. And if you're not up for a button, there's also a tie-camera out there promising much the same only in a slightly more business disguise. Whether you're secret shopping, gathering evidence or walking into a situation where you might need to hold people to account, either will certainly do the trick.

$180, Brickhouse Security

Pen mic

If an audio record is good enough, which very often it will be, then save yourself some spondoolics with a pen microphone which you can wear clipped to the top pocket of your shirt.

You get about a 3m radius of sounds recorded and you'll need to attach the 3.5mm jack at the other end to a storage device just as you would with a normal mic. Fortunately, your mobile phone will be perfect for that; another device you'd expect to find at a normal business meeting. Just make sure to hide the cable.

£19, Spyequipment

Titan Multi-tool Collar Stays

Two screwdrivers, a thread cutter, bottle opener and ruler, and all just sitting under your collar; that's what the Titan Multi-tool stays are all about.

They're not, perhaps, quite the ricin-tipped throwing stars of a Cold War Russia KGB but let's not underestimate the need for a Philips or a flat-head when the moment demands - nor the desire for a cold one when the job's done. Besides, why bother with plastic collar stays when these, solid titanium, laser-etched beauties can do so much more?

$30, Exuvius

Induction earpiece

Bluetooth-enabled, this virtually invisible earpiece can connect to your mobile phone so that you can receive secret advice from a third party during any conversation or situation you might be having.

Throw in a tiny collar loop mic and your eye in the sky will be fully witness to everything that's going on. Whether that's dating advice on the fly or coordinating a tail, we're not going to judge.

£312, Spycatcher

LG Watch Urbane

Bond's classic Submariner and Seamaster timepieces are all very well and good if you can get Q Division to add a few MI6 optional extras but, sadly, that's not how you or us will be able to buy them off the shelf. So, until Rolex and Omega pull their smartwatch fingers out, our best tip for the wearable spy would be the LG Watch Urbane.

It looks nearly as smooth as the Swiss boys but it actually does some fairly covert stuff too. Android Wear allows you to deal with your messages and initiate calls from your wrist using your voice. What's more, you can put on just about any luxury watch face of your choosing and even drive your car with it.

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£259, Google Store

Night Vision Challenge Generation 2+

Lurk in the bushes of your garden and leap out at unsuspecting family members on those dark winter evenings. Or just go round terrifying people when you're camping in the woods.

There are plenty of legitimate uses for night vision goggles if you happen to be a covert operative of Her Majesty's Secret Service or not; just make sure you have a decent reason when someone asks you why you've got some. There are five lenses to choose from, they're fully dust and waterproof and can see up to 400m away in zero light conditions.

£2,700, Spycatcher


There's only one person that gets to use this fantastic wearable and that's the man that invented it - Yves Rossy, otherwise known as Jetman. Jetwing is a backpack fitted with carbon-fibre aeroplane wings powered by four jet engines. It allows him to fly like a bird at an average speed of 120mph and it's just the kind of thing 007 would kill to get his hands on. It's certainly a step up from Little Nellie.

N/A, Jetman

SlideBelt Survivor

From a Kickstarter campaign set to deliver some time real soon comes a belt like no other. The SlideBelts company has been selling ratchet buckle belts for a while but realised that you could get so much more use out of that thing that keeps your trousers up. And so comes the Survivor. It's a buckle that contains, wait for it, a bottle opener, a can opener, a saw blade, a flat head screwdriver, a knife, a fire starter and a GPS chip so that those in HQ can know where you are at all times thanks to a web app. Oh, and the belt strap is strong enough to withstand 907kg of tension.

£TBC, SlideBelts

Titanium Escape Ring

This is one of those wearables that we hope you'll never need but, should you ever call on it, it might just save your life. The Escape Ring comes with a tiny saw tool wrapped around its inside which is easily strong and sharp enough to cut through any plastic hand-ties, duct tape or even rope. It also doubles as a shim pick which can crack the locks of most standard metal handcuffs.

$69, UniqueTitanium

Bulletproof anorak

James Bond usually does without any kind of protective body armour but then you're not James Bond, are you? If your job does come with more than its fair share of trouble or you don't trust the goings on in your neighbourhood, then this bulletproof, stab-proof and also rather handily, weatherproof jacket has you covered. It's strong enough to stop any handgun up to .44 calibre and can handle all the slashes and cuts of knives, glass, bottles and the like.

£915, Spycatcher