Relax, Spire can now connect to Android phones

Commence breathing in and breathing out, Android users
Spire now connects to Android phones

Spire, the wearable that promises to help you with healthy breathing and mindfulness, was previously only available for iOS devices. But that should change with an update rolling out now.

Android users will be able to download a Spire app for their mobile devices to practice calm breathing. According to Spire's blog post, the team has been working on the app for over a year.

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Similar to the iOS version, you can track moments where you feel calm, focused or tense. You can also integrate your calendar, photos and locations for more personalization.

The actual Spire device is washer-proof in case you've forgotten to unclip if from your clothing, it won't get destroyed in the wash. There's also a seven day battery and it syncs to your phone wirelessly over Bluetooth.

While it's great there's a chance more people can try out the device and app, we found in our review that it was actually a little too reliant on the phone and "too tricky to decipher what the notifications mean." Still, to see if your Android device is compatible with Spire, check here.

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