Sensaura wants to track emotions through the wearable you already own

AI software promises to detect what you're feeling from your heart and skin
Sensaura wants to track your emotions

Use cases for emotion sensing wearables are wide and range from figuring out what makes you happy to monitoring productivity and stress levels. We've already discussed how emotion sensing wearables are the latest trend that's piqued the interest of companies, and now there's a new approach to tracking your emotions.

Sensaura, a Montreal-based software startup, plans on utilising wearables you already have or brands you already know to really understand your feelings.

Through a proprietary AI algorithm created by the company's CTO Mojtaba Khomami, Sensaura hopes to pair up its app to various trackers to better perform analysis based on your heart rate and skin conductivity.

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Heart rate monitoring is tricky though when it comes to wrist-centric wearables but Sensaura seems confident in its software's abilities. Galvanic skin response sensor tech is another way wearables can try and pick up on what you're feeling - which the sensors are getting better at doing. The company then maps all the information in an emotion matrix.

Sensaura also makes it known on its website that the data collected from users is an effective way to gain insight for app developers and advertisers. However, it hopes to one day integrate the software into everyday wearables like Fitbit, Jawbone and more, rather than create its own hardware.

Pushing out software onto devices we already own seems like a solid plan considering the market is heavily saturated with trackers already - that is, if the algorithm truly works.

Source: Vice

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