And finally: Wearable rumours and rumblings of the week

We round up the whispers and news blips of the week
Wearable rumours of the week

This week has been pretty mega in terms of big wearable tech news. There was, of course, the big Microsoft Band release, as well as Google Fit going live and the little matter of three new Fitbit devices.

As a result, we at Wareable have worked our fingers to the bone bashing out all the news and analysis. Check out all of this week's major wearable announcements on our dedicated news homepage.

And have a quick read here of all the blips and nibs that you won't see in there....

Sonos app hits Android Wear

Well, sort of. A user in a Sonos support forum noticed that he could control his Sonos system using his Moto 360. To get involved you'll need to sign up for the Sonos beta program.

Don't forget, the Android 2.0 update, as it's affectionally being called, recently brought offline music playback to Google's smartwatch OS.

Moto 360 goes for gold

Talking of the Moto 360 and it popped up, briefly, on Amazon this week with a slick looking gold trim and two different sized gold straps. There was also a nice new brown leather strapped version on show, before the trio were pulled.

The Moto 360 went on sale in the UK this week, at last, you can grab one for £199.99.

Geak great for geeks

The Beeb reported on the Geak Watch 2 on Wednesday; a smartwatch that purportedly boasts a battery life of between 6 and 18 days, depending on usage.

The BBC report stated that the Chinese made devices "achieve the feat by using a hybrid screen that switches between a high definition LCD colour display and a standby mode battery-saving e-ink one." Nifty.

World's first wearable air-purifier

We've not checked the validity of the above claim but, let's face it, we don't think anyone else has been working on anything similar.

The device in question is from a company in Chongqing that is seeking investment, according to It's said to be able to remove 99.9% of the main air pollutants, as well as 90% of formaldehyde.

You can hardly notice it either, eh?


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