Puma RS-Computer Shoe 2018 reissue will track you like a Fitbit

The kicks from '86 are coming back with new smarts
Puma gives retro shoe a modern makeover
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Puma is bringing back a running shoe from 1986 that packed connected smarts... and this time it's going to replace your fitness tracker.

The original Puma RS-Computer shoe had a computer chip built into the heel that was capable of recording distance, time and calories expended. For the 2018 reissue, each shoe is packed with 3-axis accelerometer sensors to deliver fitness tracking data. So it'll count your steps, measure distance covered and track the calories you've burned.

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Unlike the originals, which could be hooked up to an Apple IIE or Commodore 64 using a 16-pin cord to present the data, the new version syncs wirelessly over Bluetooth to the RS-Computer smartphone app (Android and iOS). It'll even present that data in a retro 8-bit user interface.

Puma RS-Computer Shoe 2018 reissue will track you like a Fitbit

The shoe can store up to 30 days worth of data and uses LED lights to indicate daily step target status and battery status. Speaking of battery, the connected kicks can be recharged via USB, which is bundled into the shoe box. Although, Puma hasn't shared details on battery life and how regularly you'll need to charge them.


In terms of looks, it's pretty much identical to the 86 shoes rocking the same Luna Rock, Limestone Peacoat colorway. There's only going to be 86 of them available with the limited edition number featured on a woven label inside the tongue.

If you want to get a pair of the 2018 Puma RS-Computer shoes, they're going on sale for €650, which works out to about $736. You'll be able to grab them from in the US and Japan and Puma stores in Harajuku in Tokyo, Carnaby Street in London and in Berlin.

Puma RS-Computer Shoe is getting reissued with fitness tracking skills