Mota DOI SmartRing goes up for pre-order

Smart jewellery graduates from crowdfunding and is on sale now

Smart jewellery is here. We've tested the Misfit Swarovski Shine and the Netatmo June. We've got an Altruis ring on right now. And Mota's SmartRing, which hit its Indiegogo target in September, is now up for pre-order.

The SmartRing displays smartphone notifications (such as Facebook and Twitter) with simple blue icons, a step away from rings and bracelets which simply buzz when you have an alert.

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It does that too with vibration and audio alerts, shows unread message counts and you can scroll through the icons to check your latest updates.

A VIP feature allows you to select people you want to receive updates from, a nice 'digital detox' feature which we've been trying out on the Altruis stone at the moment. The companion app, for iOS and Android, will have its work cut out to match the stylish and straightforward Kovert Designs app though.

As for the ring itself, we saw prototypes last year and they are fairly chunky on the hand. We hope the final units are a lot svelter and more in line with what you see in Mota's promo videos. We're not sure the size of the final display but Mota says it is the 'smallest gesture-controlled text display on a wearable'.

Mota SmartRing hits funding target

The fairly unisex SmartRing is available to pre-order in two colours - black and white - and costs $150. That's double the early Indiegogo price but still reasonable in the world of smart jewellery. This will rise to $200 at some point in the future too. If you pre-order now, Mota says it will ship in July in 'limited quantities'.

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Smart jewellery still doesn't know what it's supposed to do yet. Mota's mission is to solve the problem of too many smartphone notifications interrupting our day. Whether or not we want a ring with a display as the best solution to that first world problem remains to be seen.

After all, the best-looking wearables so far seem to be those that forego a display altogether - Altruis, the Mondaine Helvetica No.1, Misfit Shine, Jawbone UP24. We'll reserve full judgement until we've lived with the SmartRing so look out for a Wareable review.


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