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The most expensive Apple Watch yet

And finally is our regular feature that mops up the dregs of the less credible wearable tech news stories. It's all the little titbits and rumours that you might have missed and, given it includes quotes from this week, there's an extra dose of nonsense....

The world's most expensive Apple Watch

Firebox announced the £150,000 Apple Watch this week- 18K gold, encrusted with diamonds, with a sapphire crystal retina display. It's part of the online retailers WTF range, alongside the likes of the banana pool table, rocket skates and the London Underground tube tent.


Poor old He's lost the plot. We actually think he had a point when he criticised the Apple Watch this week, after all - it's far from a perfect device. "That shit is weird," he said at the Cannes Lion festival, when asked about his experience with the Cupertino wearable.

However, he then gave up any right he has to a genuine opinion by talking up the truly awful Puls smart cuff. "It knows if I'm running, sitting or driving," he said; failing to mention it's totally unusable and has been described as a wearable nightmare.

L'Oreal teams up with the grinders

We've covered grinders on Wareable before; nature defying people attempting to become half man and half machine. And they could be getting some help from an unlikely source as cosmetic company L'Oreal has teamed up with engineers at the University of Illinois to pioneer flexible wearable electronics, designed to continuously collect and transmit data from the human body.

Read all about it here.

Epson won't give up on smartglasses

After trying, and failing, to bring smartglasses to the masses with the Moverio BT-200, the company best known for its printers is taking its connected specs to the workplace. The Moverio Pro BT-2000 packs a more rugged design, a 5-megapixel stereo/3D camera with depth sensing, head tracking and support for augmented reality.

"Since entering the smart glasses market in 2011, Epson has spoken to customers in different industries who understand the potential of Moverio smartglasses to make their business work more efficiently, whether by sharing the expertise of skilled workers virtually, enabling enhanced remote support or eliminating the need to handle bulky manuals," read a statement. Yawn indeed.

Tom Ford puts Apple in his pocket

Let's complete a Apple Watch And finally hat-trick with news of the most hipster mod to date - the Tom Ford designed Apple pocket watch.

Basically, it's just a chain and metal loop soldered on a regular Apple Watch. But it's cool. Because it's Tom Ford. And Tom Ford is cool.


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