​Misfit partners with Nest and Spotify for ultimate home control

Misfit Flash goes beyond fitness with smart home controls

Misfit has added a host of smart home features to its Misfit Flash fitness tracker, with a series of partnerships which it hopes will transfer its wrist wearable into a supercharged life remote control.

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Back at CES the company unveiled its Misfit Bolt smart bulb, which could be turned on using its budget tracker, but now it’s added Nest, Spotify, IFTTT, Yo and Logitech controls, which can be customised from the app.

Misfit Flash users can set up actions to be enabled from the device with a double or triple tap, such as starting a playlist or turning on the heating. The video shows how – in the ideal word of Silicon Valley homes – wearable tech and other connected features start to work together.

That means that users will be able to use two functions at a time, but the Nest features will be automatic.

While we don't expect the new features to cause an immediate gold rush for Misfit Flash fitness trackers, it does offer a nice dose of extra functionality for existing users. We'll certainly be dusting ours off to see how much difference it can make to our lives.

Misfit describes itself as a “maker of wearable and smart home products” and it’s certainly making a play beyond simple health and fitness wearables.

While these new features are hardly gamechangers, it does provide a glimpse into how the connected self can extend beyond simple wearables.


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