Lovely is a smart wearable sex toy

Pop this on your old chap and have your performance analysed

Who doesn't want their sexual performance analysed by a virtual sex coach?

Exactly, and that's the thinking behind (or on top, or reverse cowgirl, or...we'll stop now) Lovely - the smart wearable sex toy for couples.

Just landed on Indiegogo, Lovely slips on to a male you-know-where and is made of body-safe, silky smooth, medical-grade silicone. It's also stretchy enough to fit chaps who are a little longer in the shower.

Lovely's makers claim that, not only does the wearable pack enough sensors to analyse performance, it'll also help you maintain 'peak' performance and there's a vibration motor in there for good measure too.

Lovely is aimed at steady couples, "because it provides the utmost value when used by the same couple continuously". That's pretty obvious though - we're not sure introducing Lovely into a one-night scenario would be a normal thing to do.

The smartphone app gives you a range of sexual performance metrics such a g-force, top speed, calories burned and move count and provides personalised tips on where you might improve.

There are 120 different positions to try, as well, with guides on each.

Lovely costs $99 and shipping is expected to begin in June 2016. Stay tuned for a full review. Probably. Maybe. Actually, no way.


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