When smart underwear gets weird

Excuse me while I slip into something more wearable
When smart underwear gets weird
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Underwear has been called many things, since its biblical leaf inception. From unmentionables to foundation garments, lingerie to smart sports bras, we've seen underwear evolve and graduate to the digital age.


Read on as we examine the bare necessities of smart underwear, taking a look at the craziest connected briefs we've seen so far.

Durex Fundawear

The coming together of tech innovators Wearable Experiments, and kings of contraception Durex, resulted in what they called "the future of foreplay", otherwise known as Fundawear.

Created with long distance couples in mind, the vibrating underwear works with a companion app, allowing you to control your consenting partner's pleasure levels through haptic technology. How romantic.

The future of foreplay is now and we're still waiting for something real to build on Wearable Experiments' concept. The initial launch in 2013 only resulted in a prototype; however, you can still enjoy Nick and Dani's wild showcase as they touch each other over the internet.



If we've learned one thing in life, and by life we mean Ravijour's promotional video, it's that you don't know what true love is until you have a smart bra strapped to your chest. This Japanese design concept features a built-in heart rate monitor that pairs with a smartphone, allowing you to monitor how you truly feel. In other words, if you don't know if you've found true love, check your phone just to be sure.

Don't just take our word for it though. A Human Sexuality Specialist will enlighten you in their one and a half minute teaser that would even do Socrates proud. According to Ravijour, the bra will only unhook for true love, but to be honest, it sounds more like a sexy straightjacket.


Originally designed to tackle senior incontinence, Dfree is a smart device that monitors your internal organs to, you know, predict when you need to go.

Using ultrasonic waves, the device tucks inside your underwear and transmits data to your smartphone, preventing you from being caught short. However, with no official release date announced, toilet goers will be left waiting on the edge of their seats. Let's hope Dfree isn't left in a sticky situation.


blueMotion OhMiBod

Winner of the 2012 AVN ANE O Award for "Outstanding Product for Women" - yep - OhMiBod explores the connection between self love and technology with blueMotion.

The $129 Bluetooth powered sex toy sits discreetly in your undercarriage and is controlled by a smartphone app, what else, allowing you to easily deceive your friends and colleagues whilst pleasuring yourself to wicked extremes. OhMiBod has also included a recording feature, allowing you or your partner to record up to one minute of dulcet tones that can by synced to create a unique vibration pattern.

Nestle Tweeting Bra

Back in 2013 Nestle Fitness came up with a breast cancer awareness concept like no other; a tweeting bra (or chocolate bra as we like to call it). Once unhooked, the bra sent an automated tweet from your smartphone via a bluetooth sensor cleverly disguised by the Larry (the twitter bird).

Modelled by popular (in Greece) TV personality Maria Bakodimous, the bra was only live for two weeks. Still, we've since seen all manner of Twitter friendly smart clothing since.