CrowdedRocket promises to actually deliver your pledges

Founder tells Wareable 'Existing platforms rarely deliver or deliver late'

CrowdedRocket, the new crowdfunding platform focusing on consumer tech, launched this week and shortly afterwards its host servers crashed from the huge amount of traffic to the site. It's up and running again now, with a handful of projects carefully selected by its dream team of bloggers, investors and wearable tech experts.

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It's very different to the chaos and community of Kickstarter but founder and CEO John Gotts says that's the whole point. "We go hands-on with a very limited number of startups," he told Wareable. "We're interested in the long-term viability of the companies we launch and in helping them attract traditional funding after succeeding on our platform."

In CrowdedRocket's mission statement, it says they're not interested in helping to fund potato salad projects. That's why the number of featured products will be limited each month and the approval process is so important.

"The competition is open to anyone," explained Gotts. "But we're primarily interested in consumer technology right now. We might expand beyond this later but wearables, mobile, IoT, VR, drones, and 3D printers are our focus today."

CrowdedRocket also seems to be trying to right many of the wrongs associated with late, failed or wildly successful Kickstarter projects. "Existing crowdfunding platforms have created a noisy space with an abundance of products that rarely deliver or deliver late," said Gotts.

"CrowdedRocket is aiming to change this," he added, "by providing the critical support that startups need with marketing, messaging, PR, and social media, and by introducing companies to thought leaders and investors."

The new platform will manage non-product related gifts for backers and also aim to reward early backers if and when projects enjoy huge financial success. That's something that didn't happen when Oculus Rift was bought by Facebook.

Head over to CrowdedRocket to see the first few projects that are seeking funding including the MoodMetric ring and Hoop Tracker shot detector, which is compatible with Pebble and Android Wear.

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