BMW's self-parking car and six more insanely cool smartwatch applications

Think smartwatches are dull? Think again after checking out these cool apps...

BMW will unveil its next self-driving innovation at CES 2015 in January – a self parking car controlled by a smartwatch.

The feature – dubbed the Remote Valet Parking Assistant – will be demoed on a BMW i3 test car at the big Las Vegas tech expo, and means that in the future we'll see empty cars, cruising multi-story car parks looking for spaces for their owners.

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If a car seeking out a parking space while you get on with your shopping wasn't cool enough, when you walk back out onto the street you can summon your car with your smartwatch and it will come and pick you up. It works by the car being able to call on GPS maps of its environment, which means it should work for any building.

Parking your car and have it pick you up, all from a smartwatch app is possibly the pinnacle of wearable coolness – but it got us thinking: What are the coolest things you can do with a smartwatch? Here are some ideas.

Tesla Command

If you own a Tesla, you are already cool. However, if you download the Tesla Command app for your Android Wear smartwatch to lock and unlock the doors and sound the horn remotely, you are a god among early adopters.

Playing Mario

The guy who got Windows 95 running on his smartwatch wasn't cool, but the person who turned their Android Wear device into a GameBoy Colour emulator certainly was. Top toilet entertainment on tap.

Going full Dick Tracy

There are now a handful of wearables that let you take calls from your wrist, offering the first step to the full Dick Tracy experience. The Samsung Gear S, Sony SmartBand Talk the Puls are two such examples, as is the Rufus Cuff, a successfully funded Indiegogo that claims to offer video calling straight from your watch.

Order pizza and pay for anything

The news off the Android Wear Eat24 app overshadowed more useful offerings from the likes of Lyft at Google I/O this year, and Dominos followed suit with a pizza ordering app for Pebble. While smartwatch-owning stoners will rejoice, the rest of us can enjoy paying for virtually anything from our wrist using the ubiquitous PayPal apps.


Not a feature we're expecting to be widely adopted out at CES 2015, we have to admire the USP of the LaserWatch. Straight out of James Bond's reject pile, dismissed for being too clichéd even for 007, this wearable watch emits a cutting laser powerful enough to pop balloons, until its battery runs out in five minutes.

Controlling your entire with a meteor band

For the super rich, the £60,000 Senturion band made of rare palladium purports to control your entire mansion, including locks on the front door as well as your gun cabinet, using Yale and Paxton's RFID technology.


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